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bernina 700

Bernina 700 Service

April 20, 2011 | Alan Bamber | 21 Comments

bernina 700
Look at this wonderful Bernina 700 that came in for a general service. Like so many Berninas, this one has had the same owner from new. Bernina owners love their Bernina sewing machines and will rarely part with them. This is the reason why there are so few used Berninas available. This Bernina 700 was bought in the 1950’s or 60’s and has been cherished ever since.

bernina 700 sewing machine
We remove the covers from any sewing machine that comes into our workshop for repair or service, ready to be reset and settings checked. You may be able to see that this Bernina 700 is still like new inside. It’s the quality of the Bernina mechanism that makes all Berninas last so long and provide such a good stitch quality.

bernina 700 foot control, bernina foot control
We always check and test the foot control during the service. The Bernina 700 had a great foot control with a large foot plate, this provided the user with great speed control when sewing. Wish you could still buy a Bernina foot control like this one. Again, you can see that despite it’s age this Bernina 700 foot control is in great condition.

bernina 700 sewn off
After a full service, we check the stitching. You can see that this Bernina 700 which only has straight stitch and zig zag still produces a really good stitch. Bernina bobbincases and shuttles are the key to their excellent stitch quality.

bernina 700. bernina carry case.
We’ve phoned the customer with the estimate, and she is happy with our service charge. One last clean and polish and we pack this Bernina 700 away in it’s original carry case. You should be able to see the original Bernina sewtable behind the machine. Despite some ‘wear and tear’, even the Bernina carry case has stood the test of time.

bernina 700
Finally, this Bernina 700 takes it’s place on one of our ‘done’ racks awaiting collection. Can you see it on rack A3?

21 thoughts on “Bernina 700 Service”

  1. Patrícia Escobar says:


    I have one sewing machine exactly the same model as this one – Bernina 700 and I’m thinking on selling it. Can you advise me about the value that I should ask for it and about eventual places where I can do it?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Alan Bamber says:

      Hello Patricia,
      My advice is DON’T SELL! The number of people who come into our store and say they sold their old Bernina and wish they still had it. Keep your Bernina, you will only miss it when it’s gone.

      1. Hello, I got one off eBay for £70 fully working, good price? I do need a new belt as I want it to last? Know any where I can get one?

        Great site.
        Best regards,

        1. Alan Bamber says:

          Hello Tel,
          We should still have some belts for your trusty Bernina 700. Great buy at £70, by the way.
          Email your details to alan@bambersew.com and I’ll see what I can do.
          Alan Bamber

  2. heather says:

    Hi I have a lovely bernina 700 which i purchased from a car boot years ago, absolutely adore it great little machine. It still has the old covered flex which my husband says should be changed please could you advise on how much this would cost
    Best wishes Thanks

    1. Alan Bamber says:

      Hello Heather,
      Yes, the Bernina 700 is, and was, a great machine.
      Please follow this link to a page on our website for details about the cable.

  3. Roya says:

    I inherited one of these beauties from my grandmother 10 years ago. I used it sporadically in the first couple of years and then it went into storage in an attic for about 5 years (until last month) as I moved abroad and it took me this long to get it to Germany. It has always performed perfectly. I have just given it a clean up and it looks great. Having just tested it on a swatch the stitches are coming out even and look perfect on both sides. Hooray!

    I do have some concern about it tho as I have never had it serviced and I haven’t oiled it (indeed don’t have the oil). Is there any advice you can give me that will help me to take care of this lovely machine at home as I don’t have a manual for it.

  4. Charles says:

    My mother in law has a Bernina 700 and the needle timing or something is out, as it fouls the bobin case when it comes down. Is there somthing available to tell me how to check the set up adjustment please?

    1. Alan Bamber says:

      Hello Charles,
      Replace the needle with a new one, check the bobbin is evenly filled with thread. If the needle still strikes the bobbincase, or shuttle, then the timing may well be out. You need to take your trusty 700 to your nearest Bernina dealer for repairs. Or, post it to us.
      Alan Bamber

  5. Pat Day says:

    I have a Bernina 700 which was purchased in 1965 by my grandmother. I have owned it since 1975 and use it very occassionally. I had it serviced about 10 years or ago and am sure it would benefit from another. Please can you advise on cost of this. Also if I were to sell it, have you any idea of what it is worth. I feel it is wasted sitting in my cupboard and only coming out about once a year! Pat

    1. Alan Bamber says:

      Hi Pat,
      The Bernina 700 is a fabulous machine. We would normally charge somewhere in the region of £70 – £80 for a full service. We always phone with a free estimate. It’s hard to say how much to sell your trusty old 700 for without seeing it, but £150 is about the average. One thing, old sausage, everyone I meet who sold their old Bernina regrets it. My advice, keep it, use it, enjoy it.
      Alan Bamber

  6. Sue at nobaddays says:

    Hello. I have this machine but built into a wooden cabinet (Bernina 710?). Got it second hand 20 yrs ago and absolutely adore the machine but wish it was portable. Do you know of a portable but permanent case for my flatbed machine? Help 🙂 From Sue in San Diego

    1. Alan Bamber says:

      Hi Sue,
      Years ago we used to have a range of wooden bases and cases available. These days they are a little thin on the ground. I would suggest a trip to your local Bernina dealer to try and work out a solution.
      Good luck!


  7. Kathlyn Tippeys says:

    i just got a Bernina 700 . is it possible to get a manual for it ? Any help you might give would be greatly appreciated .
    Regards ,

    1. Alan Bamber says:

      Hello Kathlyn,

      The Bernina 700 is a great sewing machine, but an old one. That shouldn’t present a problem as far as your machine is concerned, but it does mean the instruction manuals are quite thin on the ground.
      We don’t have any. Try the usual sources 0 eBay, Google.
      The 700 is pretty straightforward to use and operate, though.

  8. Linda Doughty says:

    I have a bernina 1030 which I love and is in Constance use! I am now looking for a back up Bernina which uses the same feet as the 1030 and is a work horse. What pre owned machines do you suggest
    kind regards

  9. Richard says:

    It’s nice to see some literature about this machine.
    I just purchased one and I am amazed by its mechanics and simplicity.
    I am new to sewing and I think it will be a great machine to learn and evolve.
    Everything is working well except for the screw to disengage the machinery when winding the small bobin: although I unscrew it, the needle is still moving up and down.
    Shall I be concerned?
    After investigation, it’s the big drive wheel that seems to be severely clogged to the axis.
    Is it worth trying to fix it? Or am I fine winding the bobbins with the axis engaged all the time?

    1. Alan Bamber says:

      Hi Richard,
      You can still wind robins with the clutch tightened. It’s just more convenient to run the machine in ‘free-spool’ when winding a bobbin.

  10. Alison Ritchie says:

    Hi Alan
    I inherited my mother’s Bernini 700, which I made my silk wedding dress on in 1979!
    I have used it sporadically and mostly kept it oiled, but the last time I went to do a Blindstitch hem it didn’t seem to work.
    I have an addendum sheet with instructions but this time no joy.
    I seem to remember that it worked before with needle deflected to L rather then the R of the instructions !
    Hope you can shed some light!!
    Regards Alison

    1. Alan Bamber says:

      HI Alison,
      Your Bernina 700 produced a straight-stitch & zig-zag stitches. It did not have a blindstitch selection.

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