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Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655, PR1000 & PR1050x Service and Repair.

Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655, PR1000 & PR1050x Service and Repair.

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Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655, PR1000 & PR1050x Service and Repair.

As well as selling and leasing the Brother PR range of multi-needle embroidery machines, we also service and repair them. We have a large and well stocked workshop and we are experts in the repair and service of the entire range of Brother embroidery machines.

Our deliveries to customers old and new takes us all over the UK. Almost every week or so one of us is heading down the M6 or M1 motorways, or the A1, towards Birmingham, London, Kent, Essex, Cambridge, Northamptonshire, Peterborough and Norfolk etc. etc. etc. So, the M6 & M1 corridors are a well trodden route and one you can take advantage of if your Brother PR model is in need of some expert attention.

When your precious PR requires attention get in touch with the experts, phone Alan or Steve Bamber and we’ll arrange to collect your machine, service and repair it and then return it safely to you.

We also make the odd trip up to Scotland. Steve was in Edinburgh and Glasgow yesterday.

Here is a copy of the service checks every Brother PR embroidery model goes through during our workshop service.

  1. Check Hours
  2. Check Plug & Fuse
  3. Check Cable Integrity
  4. Remove all Covers
  5. Remove Thread Guide Base
  6. Remove X/Y Feed Carriage
  7. Remove Arm Bed from Base Frame
  8. Lubricate/Replace Idle Pulley Shaft Gear
  9. Remove Tension Base Platform
  10. Strip Tension Units & Replace Felts
  11. Strip & Clean Pre-tensions & Check Springs
  12. Check 6 Check Springs in Thread Tension Units
  13. Lubricate Machine
  14. Re-assemble
  15. Replace Fixed Knife & Presser
  16. Check Movable Knife Condition & Adjust
  17. Base Rubbers
  18. Main Motor Check
  19. Drive Belt Check
  20. X Drive Belt Check
  21. Y Drive Belt Check
  22. Check Take-up Lever Drivinbg Arm Play in Cam
  23. Replace Needles
  24. Check Needle Threader
  25. Check Thread Presser Base Velcro Condition
  26. Check X – Y Position Zero
  27. Check Shuttle Timimg
  28. Check Needle to Hook Gap
  29. Check Picker Position
  30. Presser Foot Height
  31. Check Hoop Sensor Adjustment
  32. Check Sensors
  33. Zero Service Time
  34. Check ‘O’ Rings
  35. Clean Covers & Refit
  36. Test Sew


We’ve also created a Facebook Group to offer help and advice. It covers the use of the Brother PR range and embroidery queries.
Please go here to request permission to join.
Please do not apply to join if you are a digitiser or offer a digitising service.

Do you require a spare bobbin case for your Brother PR?
Please go here…



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