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Berninas in Schools

If you have been taught textiles at school or college chances are you have seen or used a Bernina sewing machine. Over the last 40 years or so Bernina have been the favourite choice of most teachers because they sew so well and last so long. The majority of mechanical models of Bernina’s used in education are- 801, 801 Sport, 1005, 1015 and the 1008. All these mechanical Bernina’s are very hard wearing and durable and they are perfect for free hand embroidery.


Bernina 1008S Sewing Machine

Bernina 1008SThe Bernina 1008S is the latest in a long line of mechanical Berninas used by school and colleges for over 50 years. One of the reasons the Bernina 1008S is so popular, with teachers and students alike, is its quality of stitch over a wide range of fabrics. This is because of the attention to detail used in creating the famous Bernina raceway. The shuttle, or hook, is a precision piece and it fits inside a superbly engineered raceway and the result is a perfect stitch.

The Bernina 1008S is also the perfect choice for freehand embroidery, which forms a large part of textiles in colleges. Using the freehand embroidery foot (Bernina Foot No.9) helps you achieve excellent results.

Another reason the Bernina 1008S is a very good choice for schools & colleges is the longevity of Berninas. We service hundreds of sewing machines from schools and colleges every year. The majority of them are Bernina models and most of them are usually over 20 years old. No other sewing machine will last as long in the classroom environment.
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Bernina 1008S Repair

Bernina 1008S Repair
We had a Bernina 1008S in for repair from a local school, the other day. The Bernina 1008S is the favourite choice of textiles teachers because it is so robust and produces an excellent stitch on all kinds of fabrics.
This machine needed a full service and the shuttle timing had to be reset. We go through a 40 point check list with all school sewing machines that come into our workshop for repair or service.
Bernina 1008S Sewing Machine Stripped for Service

This Bernina was soon fully serviced and test sewn, ready to be returned.