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Janome XL601

Janome XL601

The perfect Christmas gift, from Bambers… Please go here to find out more, http://tinyurl.com/ogn2jb6

Janome Memorycraft 11,000

Janome Memorycraft 11,000   I want you back… Janome have reintroduced their 11,000 model.                   Click Here to Buy this product from our website

Janome 8900QCP

Janome 8900QCP   A long arm sewing machine… The sheer length of the arm space is impressive at 11″ ( 280mm ) .. ideal for large quilts, bridal dresses and those bigger home furnishing projects. And it’s powerful … reaching speeds of up to 1,000 stitches per minute. Nevertheless even at those speeds stitch quality […]

Janome Memorycraft 9900 At Bamber Sewing Machines Manchester

Janome Memorycraft 9900 At Bamber Sewing Machines Manchester A great Sewing & Embroidery machine… The new Janome MC9900 is a beautiful machine with a host of features. Not as many as the 15000, but still it comes with lots of stitches, some practical, some stretch and some decorative. The MC9900 is also an embroidery machine […]

Janome 8200QC

Janome 8200QC SPECIAL PART EXCHANGE DEAL £500 for your old sewing machine when you trade it in against the new Janome 8200QC. You will then pay ONLY £999.00 Offer ends 27th JULY 2013. We can also offer an interest free credit deal, subject to status, to help spread the payment. Pay £333.00 each month for […]

Janome Memorycraft 6600P

Janome Memorycraft 6600P A very tough cookie… The janome 6600P is a superb semi-industrial machine with a longer bed, making it very useful for both Quilters and for professional users. It is easy to control, even though its top speed is Faster than most normal machines. It has the usual Janome 7 point feeder, allowing […]

Janome Memorycraft 350E

Janome Memorycraft 350E A great place to start your embroidery experience… The Janome Memory Craft 350E makes it easier than ever to create professional looking embroidery on a stand-alone machine. With the ability to import designs via a USB socket, more accurate editing tools, a faster microprocessor, and an automatic thread cutter. Place your fabric […]

Janome Memorycraft 1600P QC

Janome Memorycraft 1600P QC Perfect for quilters or special projects… The new Janome 1600P QC is perfect for those of you who like to sew at every available opportunity and have a specialist machine in your arsenal. High speed and straight stitch only, and with almost 9 inches from the needle to the neck of […]

Janome 5900QC

Janome 5900QC A sewing machine for life… This 5900QC is the replacement for the 4900 which was an all round super machine. The 5900QC is a perfect choice for quilters and general sewing enthusiasts, alike.Over 500 stitches and lots of features make the Janome 5900QC a choice for life. Certainly, you may expect a lifetimes […]

Janome TXL607 Sewing Machine At Bambers Manchester

Janome TXL607 Sewing Machine At Bambers Manchester Comes with a FREE Quilting Kit worth £99.00 The Janome TXL607 is a rather nifty little sewing machine with many features and stitches. First of all the TXL607 is a reasonably lightweight sewing machine with an extending handle that lifts up from the top of the machine. The […]