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Threading the Take-up Lever

I noticed a post on a Facebook Group from a young woman experiencing problems with her new Brother sewing machine. She posted about her preference for older machines as they were less troublesome. Part of the problem, in my experience, is the modern design of sewing machines conceals the take-up lever.



Vintage Singer Sewing Machines

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine at Bambers

The vintage Singer sewing machine is enjoying something of a revival in popularity. Certainly, the old black and gold models such as the 66k and 201k are becoming increasingly popular and especially with younger people.

The Singer 201k for example was made by the thousand and they weighed an absolute ton. However, once we fit a modern YDK motor they fly like a bird. Their weight also means that they can sew through many layers of thick fabrics.

For an old straight stitch Singer, they are very smooth and a delight to sew with.
We are slowly building up a stock of these old Singers – we used to have dozens and dozens of them. Once they have taken a turn around our workshop and been fully serviced and had a new motor fitted, they will be available for sale.

If you’d like to enquire about one of our vintage Singer sewing machines, please phone or email.

Brother PR655 Embroidery Machine to Norfolk

Brother PR655 Embroidery Machine to Norfolk


I had a few Brother PR655 calls down in Norfolk a few weeks back. The Kings Lynn and Norwich areas, in fact.
I love the route down the A1 to this lovely corner of the country. Beats being stuck on the M6 any day.
Anyway some way off my first call, in Kings Lynn, yours truly began to feel rather peckish. So imagine my delight when I came upon this hidden gem. Abbey Parks Farm shop.
Blimey o’reilly, I didn’t think there were any places like this left any more.
A very hearty breakfast with a pot of hot tea and a smiling and polite waitress. Lovely.
I called in again the following day for me lunch on the way home.
Please Click Here to learn more about our Brother PR655 Embroidery Machine sales, lease and repair deals.

Bernina 215 Sewing Machine at Bambers in Manchester

Please Click Here to learn more about the Bernina 215 Sewing Machine at Bambers in Manchester


Bernina 215 Sewing Machine at Bambers in Manchester











Right from the start, the BERNINA 215 lets you enjoy the optimum convenience of a Swiss precision sewing machine that’s revealed particularly in the details: for instance, its built-in needle threader which lets you rethread the machine when changing spools in the blink of an eye. This saves time and is a genuine help. The BERNINA 215 proves that even state-of-the-art sewing-machine technology needn’t be complicated, and leaves nothing to be desired as an easy-to-operate sewing machine. Ideal for beginners or occasional sewers!

Before you spend your money….

Phone Alan, or my brother, Steve Bamber and ask us if the sewing machine you’re planning to buy is any good.
We repair and service hundreds of sewing machines and, as Main Agents for the top three makes sold in the UK, Bernina, Janome & Brother, we are very aware of the good, the bad and the ugly that is out there…

Too many women are buying too many poor quality machines which will only cause frustration and waste your brass.

Phone the Bamber boys for some plain, honest and impartial advice.
0161 707 7786.sewing machine budget

Fabrics for everyone…

I just had a mooch around upstairs in our fabric room and, not being the selfish type, I thought I’d share some photos. Our fabric range seems to be increasing every week and we now stock quite a comprehensive range from the polycottons to the fleeces. I’d suggest you call in and have a mooch around yourself, you never know what fab fabric you may discover.

Fabric 01 Fabric 02 Fabric 03 Fabric 04 Fabric 05 Fabric 06 Fabric 07 Fabric 08 Fabric 09 Fabric 10 Fabric 11 Fabric 12 Fabric 13 Fabric 14 Fabric 15 Fabric 16 Fabric 17 Fabric 18 Fabric 19


Bambers Sewing Competition
Bambers Sewing Competition

1st Prize – A Bernina 330 Sewing Machine
2nd Prize – £100 worth of Vogue Patterns
3rd Prize – £50 worth of Vogue Patterns

Come on all you sewing enthusiasts out there – it’s time to enter our fab competition.
You might win a Bernina 330 or loads of vouchers for Vogue patterns and all you have to do is what you love – make a dress!!!

Please go here for all the details.

Treadle Sewing Machine

Treadle Sewing Machine
Shahid called me into the workshop the other day to show me this lovely old treadle sewing machine. It’s a little bit worn, here and there, but it’s still in pretty good nick. When I first started work for Dad (late 1970’s), I used to travel to the many schools and colleges in Greater Manchester to service their sewing machines. A lot of the inner city schools still used these old treadle machines and I’m sure many of you out there can remember your old needlework lessons using just this kind of sewing machine.
Treadle Sewing Machine

Treadle Sewing Machine
Anyway, this one had been brought in for a service by a lady who’d inherited it from her mother and she had inherited it from her mother. It was looking a little bit jaded and was in need of a service and a new treadle belt. Shahid soon got to work and applied some tender loving care and before long the machine was sewing quite sweetly. Some of the woodwork was a bit dull and so a bit of the old Lord Sheraton was taken from the shelf and after copious amounts of rubbing a deep shine was restored. Sadly, some of the woodwork could not be returned to its former glory.
Treadle Sewing Machine
However, here is one nice old treadle sewing machine that is working well and giving pleasure and hasn’t been turned into a table in some old pub somewhere…

A loss of faith…

Janome Mystyle 22 sewing machine at Bambers Manchester
A young woman called in the shop this morning and straight-away she walked over to look at our new sewing machines, we’ve got around 60 on show. I asked her if I could help and she said she was thinking of buying a new sewing machine. She then went on to say her old Singer sewing machine had served her well for many years but it was only a basic straight stitch and zig-zag machine.
So, ten years or so ago she had walked into John Lewis and bought herself a new sewing machine, a Janome MyStyle 22. However, she had only managed to sew three outfits in all of those ten years. This lady was not a happy sausage.
She complained that every time she had tried to sew anything the machine would pucker and jam her materials and in the end she would be left feeling frustrated and quite a bit fed up.

Now, I know, as will many of you out there, that the Janome MyStyle 22 is a fabulous sewing machine. In fact, it’s a model we have supplied to lots of schools and colleges throughout the UK. As luck would have it, our customer had put her MyStyle 22 in the boot of her motor. So, we got it out and threaded it up and very soon we were sewing away quite merrily. I started off on some medium weight calico and tested the straight stitch, the zig-zag, one of the stretch stitches and finally one of the embroidery stitches. We then moved on to testing her Janome on some organza, a good test for any sewing machine. It sewed perfectly.

We had a chat about the choice of stitches, based on the type of fabric to be sewn. The choice of thread, we always recommend Gutermann, and the choice of needles, we always recommend Schmetz. The lady is now upstairs on our haberdashery floor, she’s looking at our sewing patterns – McCalls, Butterick, Vogue & Simplicity – and, more importantly, she is now a happy sausage and her faith in her Janome sewing machine has been somewhat restored

So, it’s not always the case that you need to buy a new sewing machine to solve your sewing problems. Sometimes you just need to call into Bambers and have a chat with people who know all about sewing machines.