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Shiela Watt’s Quilt

A quilt made by Sheila Watts, a member of our bi-weekly Quilt Club with Brenda Saxon.


Regina Grannel’s Quilt

A lovely quilt made by Mrs Regina Grannell. Regina is a regular member of our Quilt Club. Brenda Saxon provides excellent tuition and guidance, and lessons are very relaxed and friendly. It costs just £7.50 to join!

Mrs Batchelors Quilt

Mrs Batchelor’s Quilt

Mrs Batchelor has been attending our Quilt Club for a little while, but she couldn’t be persuaded to appear on camera. ‘Show me a woman over 30 who will!’ was her reply when we tried to persuade her. Anyway, we think she should be proud of her quilt, especially as it was her first attempt. […]

Bernina Quilt

Quilts from the Bernina Factory

These photo’s of quilts were taken when we visited the Bernina factory in Switzerland in January 2006. When you click an image it will open in it’s full size – click back on your browser to return here.

Quilt at Bambers Manchester

Superb Patchwork Quilt Made at Kathryn’s Quilt Club

One of Kathryn’s quilt club students recently produced this superb quilt. Great detail!


“Vibrato” by Doreen Sullivan

Made by Doreen Sullivan at our  Quilt Club. Doreen made this quilt over a 12 month period. She says she had it rolled up, ready to throw away about a dozen times due to trouble completing the borders! She persevered and we think Doreen’s done a great job. The name reflects the vibrant colours used.