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Brother PR655 to Edinburgh

Brother PR655 to Edinburgh

Another trip North with a Brother PR655. This time I’m off to the fair city of Edinburgh and what a beautiful city it turned out to be. As regular readers will know by now yours truly can’t pass up on the opportunity to call in at Tebay Services for a full english.


Brother PR655 Edinburgh

And I’m pleased to announce that I did not let you down. Another delicious breakfast at Tebay which makes a change from the Weetabix, Porridge or Alpen etc that I usually chomp in the early morning.


Edinburgh EmbroideryThe ducks were in a frisky mood and the small corner of their pond that wasn’t frozen became the centre of activities in the early morning winter sun. You’ll notice the two ducks standing off on the ice. I was reliably informed that these two characters were a pair of well known trouble makers and that they had been asked to stand in the corner for half an hour.


Edinburgh PR655

The journey up to Edinburgh to deliver the embroidery machine took me deep into some beautiful scenery. As I climbed ever higher in me trusty Land Rover the scene became wider and whiter and although I encountered a few closed roads, the way remained mainly clear. One day, I’m sure, I’ll end up stuck in a snow drift somewhere – probably in Scotland or Kent.


Scottish Military EmbroideryFinally, I arrived at my destination in the middle of Edinburgh. Nigel has a lovely shop and he sells all manner of Scottish military uniforms etc. etc. so I’m sure his Brother PR655 will prove to be a very worthwhile investment. Nigel was a very decent chap and provided a flagging yours truly with coffee and chocolate biscuits to revive the spirits. Phew!


Edinburgh Embroidery

After completing the training with Nigel, I wished him and his partner, Sheila, well and pointed the Land Rover south. A quick phone call to Mrs B. and I was set for the journey home. I left the fair and by now bustling city of Edinburgh with a slight sense of sorrow. So many of my travels delivering Brother embroidery machines across the UK take me to towns and cities that have lost all sense of character. Too often the view is of carbuncles made from glass and steel. The proud and mighty city of Edinburgh has held on to its past and its architectural heritage and it’s a wonder to see. I only wished I’d had a weekend spare to walk it’s impressive streets and corridors.



Home Embroidery Machines

A variety of factors will determine which home embroidery machine you buy especially if you plan to build a commercial embroidery business from home. Number one consideration is of course the cost. If you choose to buy an embroidery machine for entirely personal use then the choice is a wide one. Options to consider include whether or not your new machine will be purely an embroidery machine or a mixture of embroidery and sewing. Bernina, Janome and Brother offer a range of good quality sewing and embroidery machines. A visit to your local sewing machine dealer will provide you with some practical working knowledge about the choices on offer.

If, on the other hand, you do plan to build an embroidery business then you should narrow your search. In most cases you may have set your sights on one of the Brother PR models. These mighty embroidery machines have cornered the market and are most peoples first choice. The Brother PR600, Brother PR620, Brother PR650 and the latest model, the Brother PR655 are all superb at what they do and here at Bambers we can offer you sound advice and a very cost effective lease deal.

You may consider dipping your toe in the home embroidery machine market before you opt for a PR model. In that case you should take a closer look at the Brother Innovis 750 and the Janome 350E. Both of these machines share similar features. They are both single needle machines and offer a relatively low cost way of starting your embroidery business.

Before you decide which route to follow you should contact Alan or Steve Bamber, at Bamber Sewing Machines for some plain and honest advice.

Brother PR655 to Lancaster

Today I’m taking a New Brother PR655 embroidery machine to a customer in Lancaster.

Brother PR655 Bambers Manchester
My brother, Steve, ordered the PR655, Brothers latest six needle embroidery machine, and it’s arrived just a few days later. The packaging is almost the same size as a small car and most people haven’t got the room to store it.

Brother PR655 Bambers Manchester

Brother PR655 Bambers Manchester


Brother PR655 Bambers ManchesterSo, out of the box it comes and once ‘naked’ this PR655 is transferred into our workshop for pre-delivery checks and tests. First job is to remove the internal packaging and taping that keep the bracket arm from sliding around during shipping. A quick check in the raceway to make sure it’s all clear and then next step is to open and build up the cop mast and stand. Once the control screen is moved into position it’s time to ‘switch-on’.


Brother PR655 Bambers Manchester
The PR655, like all previous ‘PR’ models, displays a number of screen savers which show various embroidery applications such as towels, bags, T-shirts and dresses. Many of our PR customers generate an income by personalising baby wear. Some create personalized work wear and ‘horse’ wear. What ever you decide to use your PR655 for make sure you get in touch with Bambers. We offer an unbeatable lease deal and an aftersales service that is second to none.

Brother PR655 Bambers Manchester

The next step is to build up an embroidery design on the easy to use control screen and then thread the PR655 up with appropriate colours. Once you have created or uploaded your embroidery design, The PR655 will display the colour order so you place each colour in the correct order. Even though the PR655 is a six needle embroidery machine you could, if you wished, embroider a design with more than six colours.
So, a trip up to the first floor to select some embroidery threads for this particular job. By the way, if you need any embroidery threads for your machine you should phone us (0161 707 7786) and ask to speak to our girls. They are very helpful and our large stocks usually mean your order will arrive within 2 – 3 days.


Brother PR655 Bambers Manchester


Whenever I’m delivering a new PR655 to a customer I usually take a metre or two of medium weight interfacing. It works well as a standard stabilizer and it helps our customers while they learn how to embroider various fabrics. Our interfacing sells at only 95p a metre and, if memory services, it’s about 73/74 cm wide.

Brother PR655 Bambers Manchester


Of course, when our PR customers move on to embroidering baby wear and the like they usually request a more specialized stabilizer. This is where our range of Guterman embroidery stabilizer comes in very handy. Gutermann produce an excellent range of stabilizers with both soft and tear easy. Phone the girls for more advice or to place your order.


Brother PR655 Bambers Manchester
Anyway, I’ve created a design for my customer and I’ve entered the name of his company which, for his convenience, I’ve blanked out in my photo. The next step is to press ‘GO’ and start this Brother PR655 embroidering. This design will take 20 minutes to complete which gives me time to retreat to my office for a quick cup of tea and to catch up with some of my paperwork.

Bamber Sewing Machines Manchester

My main role in our family sewing machine business is to deal with all our education customers. We supply machines and spares and accessories to schools and colleges all over the UK. I also organise all the service work for many of the schools in our region. Our school service schedule is booked up until December 2014 so we must be doing something right.
By the way, that’s not cake in the white bag – it’s a number of motor sockets for a Janome sewing machine.

Brother PR655 Bambers Manchester

Once the PR655 has finished embroidering it will play a tune to let you know the job is done. With some new fonts this PR655 has made a good job of this particular test. Tensions are fine and, apart from a small loop on one of our Eagles feet caused by a loose thread this job is perfect. We’ve delivered the PR655, and previous models, to customers all over the UK and we always like to test every machine before it leaves, just so we can ensure each customer receives a perfect PR machine.

Brother PR655 Bambers Manchester

All my tests are now complete so it’s time to load this PR655 into my car ready for the journey up to Lancaster. I’d normally take the van but Ray, our driver, had already taken it earlier this morning. He is returning a Brother PR650 to a customer near Hastings. Sue, has four PR models and as well as buying her embroidery machines from Bambers, we also service them every year. This includes the collection and return of her machines, something we can arrange for anyone with a PR model. Call us, if you’re interested.


Brother PR655 Bambers Manchester


Anyway, just over an hour or so later I reach my destination, a small business in Lancaster. Jeff, helps me in with the new PR655 and offers me a cup of coffee – a good start. I meet his colleagues, Sara and Dave and I begin to show them all how to use their new Brother PR655. I always spend time with our customers showing them the basics – operating the control screen, threading up, hooping up and embroidering basic designs and text. This gives them the confidence to start using their new machine and helps to speed up the learning process.

Soon enough the job is done and we have another group of happy customers. Time to leave and head for home..

Brother PR Spares & Accessories

Key to keeping your Brother PR600, PR620, PR650 or PR655 in good working order is regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts. Here at Bambers we keep large stocks of all the spares and accessories which suffer the most from wear and tear. The fixed knife, the movable knife and the bobbincase are just a few of the spares which require regular attention from the PR600, PR620 and PR650 user. The bobbincase especially should be inspected regularly for and defects. For example, if you drop the bobbincase on the floor it will quite often distort its shape, this can lead to an uneven tension. Of course, this will always happen at the most inconvenient time – usually in the middle of a large job. So, always keep a spare.

Our parts department is always well stocked so we can offer all our PR600, PR620 and PR650 customers a speedy delivery on spares and accessories. You can order online using the Brother PR Spares & Accessories section of our website. Or, you can just phone the shop on 0161 707 7786 and spew to our girls. If you phone before 1pm you can normally expect next day delivery.

Your Embroidery Business

Brother PR650 6 needle embroidery machine
Brother Home Embroidery Machine

Consider what it would be like to transform everyday items such as shirts, caps and robes into custom embroidered gifts, corporate apparel, uniforms and personal souvenirs…all from the comfort of your own home from only £199.00 per month.

You can do this with the Brother PR650 Embroidery Machine

  • Choose your own hours
  • Choose your location
  • Choose your income
  • Choose your customers

Bamber Sewing Machines offers a no deposit, interest free deal and we provide LOTS of support.

Want to find out more? For a friendly and informal chat email us or comment below with your details and we will call you back. Or you can ring Alan or Steve on 0161 707 7786

There are many benefits of starting your own business and here are just a few :-

  1. You can choose your hours. Work part-time, full-time, mornings, evenings, weekends, after the kids have gone to bed or before they come home from school.
  2. You can choose your location. In your home, at a commercial location or within a retail outlet. Or, how about a mobile embroidery business that allows you to travel to exhibitions, fairs, festivals and special events.
  3. You can choose your income and profitability. Your income is directly related to the time and energy that you devote to your business. Since you’re the boss, you have control over your expenses and prices.
  4. You can even choose your customers! School sports, favourite pastimes, interior design, items for pets, corporate identity apparel, weddings, graduations, new babies, family reunions – the possibilities for selling your products are endless.

Profit Calculator

Golf Shirt Caps Team Jacket
Suggested retail price £12.00 £9.00 £45.00
Your wholesale price for shirt/cap/jacket £4.50 £1.10 £1.10
Supplies to personalize (thread, backing, etc.) £0.50 £0.30 £0.90
Labour £2.00 £2.00 £12.00
Less your cost £7.05 £3.40 £26.90
Your gross profit £4.95 £5.60 £18.10

Contact Bamber Sewing Machines to find out more about running your own embroidery business

  • Comment below with your details and we will call you back (or you can send us an email)
  • Ring Alan or Steve on 0161 707 7786
  • If you are nearby, call into our Manchester sewing shop for a demo

Have you started an embroidery business?

If you have already started an embroidery business using a Brother embroidery machine please feel free to share your story in comments below. Tell us what you are making and how much you are enjoying it! 🙂

How to Replace the PR600/PR620/650/655 Needle Threader

We get lots of orders from Brother PR600, PR620 & PR650 Embroidery Machine owners for spares and accessories. One of the most common orders is for a new needle threader. Steve has made a short photo sequence showing you how to fit the needle threader below.

This demonstrates replacing the Needle Threader on your Brother PR600 or PR620 and also the Babylock in the US.

Please note, we have created this page as a guide only. If you damage your machine in the process, we cannot be held responsible.


On your control screen, select Needle 1 and then remove Needle 1 from your machine.


Switch the machine off.


Carefully remove the side plate caps using the Needle Allen Key.


Remove the Top Side Cover.


Undo the screw from the bottom plate and gently pull the side cover away from the machine. Being careful not to break the cover.


Gently push the Driver Bar all the way down.


Gently prise the ‘leg’ of the Needle Threader up.

(Not the best picture, I know. I’ll try and take a clearer picture and add it later).


Ease out the small shaft and remove the Needle Threader.

Watch out for the small spring on the rear shaft. If it flies off and lands on your carpet you may not find it again, but your dog might.



The small Spring sldes onto the rear shaft.


Push the Needle Threader back into position. Make sure the small ‘Lug’ on the Needle Threader ‘Leg’ clips into the recess on the shaft.


Gently pull the side cover away from the machine…

…and pull the Driver Bar all the way up.

Steve uses an old Brother knitting machine needle.


Fit 6 new embroidery machine needles as you don’t want to risk a bent needle damaging your new Needle Threader!


Slowly push the Driver Bar down to move the Needle Threader forward. Stop the Needle Threader before it reaches the needle and check to see that it is going to line up with the eye of the needle.

If all is well:

  • Slowly pull the Driver Bar back up
  • Replace the side covers, screws & caps
  • Test your Needle Threader

If you need any further help or advice please just get in touch by phone or send us a message.

Also see Brother Embroidery Machine Spares.