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Bernina 930 Sewing Machine Repair and Service

Bernina 930 Sewing Machine Repair and Service.

Bring your Bernina 930 sewing machine to Bambers for repair or service. We have many years of experience in the repair and service of various makes and models of sewing machines.

Our mechanics have many years of experience and have been expertly trained, both in-house and by the main manufacturers. We have a large and well stocked workshop and we are main agents for BerninaJanome and Brother.

Turnaround time is usually seven to ten days. This time will increase over summer and other busy periods. We always phone with a free estimate with every repair.

If your sewing machine requires a repair or a service please phone Bambers on 0161 707 7786.

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Website, www.bambersew.com

Bernina 930 Sewing Machine saved from the Tip!

Bernina 930 sewing machine
This Bernina 930 Sewing Machine was saved from the Tip! The 930, was one of the best sewing machines ever made and the girl who brought this Bernina 930 in for repair had found it lying on a local rubbish tip.
New Bernina sewing machines aren’t exactly cheap but they are top quality sewing machines. Every week we receive phone calls from people all over the country chasing a used Bernina. Unfortunately, demand for used Bernina sewing machines far outweighs supply. Although, we do have a small trickle going through the workshop. If you have got your heart set on a used Bernina, phone us and ask for Steve Bamber. No guarantees, but you might just be one of the lucky ones.

Bernina 930 transformer
Anyway, back to this Bernina 930. In this case the machine required a full service and the transformer had burnt out. It’s quite a common fault on these old Bernina 930’s, but we do a lot of Bernina repairs and we had the parts in stock.
We gave this 930 a full service and a new transformer, as well as a few other electrical components. Afterwards, it ran a smooth as silk and will last for a very long time.
At tale to gladden the heart, or make you green with envy…