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Toyota Sewing Machine Repairs

Toyota Sewing Machine Repairs

July 19, 2012 | Alan Bamber | 7 Comments

Some Toyota sewing machine repairs are always worth doing.
We get a steady stream of people bringing their toyota sewing machines into our workshop for repair. Sometimes, they are  “mail order” Toyota’s, bought for very little and have served their purpose and we advise our customers not to spend any more money on them.

Funnily enough, it’s the older, metal bodied Toyota’s that always seem to be worth it. This raises the question of when is it worth spending money on repairs to older sewing machines. Older Toyota’s, and other makes, illustrate this point.

Someone will bring in a 30 year old Toyota for a repair, maybe it’s missing stitches, and also ask for a general service. It’s all metal, a flat-bed and in a wooden base & case and it weighs about the same as a sack of potatoes.
Later, when we’ve got it on one of the workshop benches we are faced with a slight dilemma. A 30 year old Toyota sewing machine may be worth almost nothing, so spending £50 – £60 on a repair and a general service may seem like a bad idea.

However, these old Toyota’s are built like tanks and seem to go on forever. So, we phone the customer and point all this out to them. In most cases, however, we also point out that once repaired and fully serviced, their Toyota will provide them with many more years of good sewing. Also, the cost of the repair won’t buy them a sewing machine that’s as good as their 30 year old Toyota.

So it just goes to show, these old sewing machines are almost always worth looking after.

7 thoughts on “Toyota Sewing Machine Repairs”

  1. Christine Allum says:

    The right-hand thread on my Toyota SL3404D overlocker is intermittently skipping stitches, sometimes for 2/3 cm then it carries on normally. All other parts of the stitch seem to be fine. Can you advise whether this is a simple problem like a bent needle, or whether it would need a full service? Indeed, reading your blog above, has it had its day?

    1. Alan Bamber says:

      Hi Christine,
      It may be a bent needle, it may be a bent pin on your needleplate, it may be your tension. Toyota overlockers are, generally speaking, pretty good and they can be repaired and set back on the road to faithful service.

      Bring your trusty Toyota in for attention, or take it to your local dealer.


  2. Rebecca says:


    I am completely new to sewing, so know little to nothing about sewing machines. I’m looking for an affordable machine and my mum who is a talented seamstress recommended her toyota she had many years ago – sadly however she can’t remember the model. I’m keeping my eyes out for an older model that is metal bodied but sadly little information is available on the Internet to which models these are. Are you able to give me a few model names to look out for?

    Hope you can help, look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Alan Bamber says:

      Hello Rebecca,
      You should always try any sewing machine before you buy it. We have machines starting from £99.00 but much depends on which fabrics you want to sew and how often you plan to use your sewing machine. Phone Bambers for a nice chat 0161 707 7786.

  3. Jackie Payne says:

    The pin on the footplate of my Toyota overlocker has snapped. Can it be replaced or am I going to have to replace the whole thing? I only replaced it a couple of months ago.

    1. Alan Bamber says:

      Hello Jackie, If the top cover of the foot control is still in one piece around the hinge pin, then a new pin should solve the problem. Could you email a photo of the top cover around the area of the pin, please? info@bambersew.com

  4. Bryan says:

    My sewing machine is not picking up
    The thread from the bobbin. I am completely stumped as how to fix it. Any help appreciated.

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