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Brother PR Adventures & Trips

The Brother PR680W service in Liverpool had been booked by a phone call. A slot was arranged for the collection and the day came around. So Steve and I loaded up the van and set sail to our destination. We have numerous customers dotted about the Merseyside region. Many of

So, it’s the first road trip of 2024. Brother PR6 Service in Frome and Weymouth. Both machines have been booked into our service schedule and, as I write, we’re already booked up until March. I arrived at Stevie’s in pre-dawn darkness and a felt the brush of slightly warmer air

On todays agenda - Brother PR Repairs in York, Scarborough & Redcar.Steve and I headed north to collect various multi needle embroidery machines. Ahead, through the pasty grey morning, a motorway bridge framed the golden lamp of dawn. We drove through the gateway and, on reaching the other side, found

Pausing briefly halfway up the ascent of the staircase I called out to my wife - ‘it’s getting lighter’. It was approximately 6:30am on Wednesday 8th March. Snow had been forecast, along with the concerned weather warnings that half an inch inevitably produces. I continued my journey on, and on to the

Machines, Accessories & More

A Bernina 570 in Bambers Workshop. Without covers waiting to be retimed and tested. Many sewing machines arrive at our workshop with a timing issue. The position of the needle in relation to the shuttle hook, is a precise setting. If the needle is too high, or too low, the

A Bernina B 780 Service job in the workshop. This one came in a week or so ago. Our usual turnaround time is usually 2-3 weeks. And as a Bernina Main Agent, we receive hundreds Bernina models every year. Here in our workshop we have all the Bernina setting gauges

The choice of a Bernina for dressmaking is wide. Although having said that, you don't necessarily need to buy the top model. The Bernina 325 and the 335 are the two basic models in the line-up. Small and compact, compared to the Bernina five or seven series, they sew extremely

The Bernina L860 overlocker sews a lovely stitch and is very smooth running. The smoothness of the run is down to the way the machine is made. Or perhaps I should say, how well the L860 is made. Of course it's a Bernina, so you'd expect to find quality. But

Hints, Tips & Fixes

Take-up lever problems occur when the lever isn't threaded. Or not threaded properly. So always check that you have threaded the lever. It is one of the most common mistakes.

              The drop-feed on your Bernina is a very useful feature. You can use it for darning and freehand embroidery etc. Just remember when you turn the dial to drop the feed your feed dogs/teeth will drop straight away. When you turn the dial back for normal feed and to raise the feed

Here's a brief piece about placing your spool/bobbin in to the bobbincase of your Brother PR650. It's just the same for the Brother PR600 & PR620. It's only a guide and if you still aren't sure how to fit your bobbincase, just phone or email for further help. First, draw off

We get lots of orders from Brother PR600, PR620 & PR650 Embroidery Machine owners for spares and accessories. One of the most common orders is for a new needle threader. Steve has made a short photo sequence showing you How to Replace the PR600/PR620/650/655 Needle Threader. This demonstrates replacing the Needle