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Beauty Style and Kindness…

A very beautiful lady has just left the shop. I’ve not seen her for some months so it was a delight to see her again. She’d brought her machine in for some attention. It wasn’t a Bernina but the message remains the same, so perhaps you will forgive me.
She told me she had recently spent a spell in hospital to have a ‘new knee’ fitted. I drew up a chair so she could be more comfortable. She wore loose black trousers, a rather nice black & white knitted jersey and a very smart black coat. Her soes were deep glossy patent leather with a neat gold buckle. She has one of those faces that oozes with love and kindness.
She looked immaculate – style and beauty.
She told me she had lost her husband some months ago and I offered my condolences. She mentionioned my father and she was kind enough to offer me her condolences, also.
She told me she had used her machine just before Christmas to make seven pantomime outfits for a large chap – 6’2” with a 57” chest and now the machine wasn’t quite right.
By now you should know the first thing I do is change the needle for a new one. We use Schmetz as they are a very good quality needle. I checked her thread. It was a well known brand but one of their very cheap and very thick types. These threads are ok for certain jobs but they can cause problems if you are working with fine fabrics etc.

We had a little chat, the lady and I.
She told me that for many years, in days gone by, she had been a singer and she had worked on the P&O cruise line. She had been all over the world and made many friends. She sang cabaret and she sang classical. One of her frends was a highly regarded concert pianist who had once perfomred with Pavarotti. The lady then said that eventually she had to give up the singing because of nodes on her vocal chords and that was over 15 years ago, now. Age and time will catch up with us all – in the end.

By now I had tried her machine with some nice quality Gutermann Sew-all thread. It worked a treat and I explaned that these basic choices and changes were all that was required.
She rose from her chair and thanked me. I packed her machine away back into its case and I carried it out to her car. She thanked me again and I stole a kiss – on the cheek – and told her she was gorgeous, which she is.

I tell my little tale to impress upon you the need to choose good quality thread and good quality needles. It makes a difference. Old hands will know this but old hands can still make the same old mistakes and one day, you may end up at my door.
I’ll be waiting.

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