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What is an air threading overlocker?

So you might ask, what is an air threading overlocker? Well, let me explain everything for you.

The majority of todays overlockers use four threads. And each of these four thread overlockers have two needles, and two loopers. Together, the needles and loopers form the overlock stitching. Just like the needle and shuttle forms a stitch on a regular sewing machine.

Threading a four thread overlocker might appear at first glance to be a little daunting. But always remember we offer unlimited free tuition when you buy any machine from Bambers.

Normally, each needle and looper must be threaded in a particular order. However, with an air threading overlocker this isn’t always necessary.

There are two types of air threading overlockers.

Type one has a manual pump, usually a small lever, to blow your looper threads through.

Type two has a push-button electric pump which is easier still.

Both types will automatically thread your two loopers. If you pay more money you will also find an overlocker that will ‘air thread’ your needles.

I remember when I was 23 and servicing hundreds of school sewing machines every year. I could almost thread a needle with my eyes closed.

Time moves on, and now I’m 60 I’m not as quick as I was. Who is…
So the advantages of an air threading overlocker are perhaps more obvious to the ‘older’ sewing enthusiast.

But anyone who uses an overlocker will find an air threading model an advantage. And in most cases it will help speed up production.