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Bernina Quilting Foot


Bernina Quilting Foot

Bernina Foot No. 29

The preferred foot for freehand quilting, freehand monograms and freehand embroidery. This foot has a CLEAR sole, for improved visibility. The 9mm wide needle opening and the “coded” eye allows the use of any stitch at any width and contributes to good visibility. Combined with Bernina’s Hopper Mechanism, this foot gives excellent fabric control (no flagging) while the stitches are being formed as well as the ability to move the project freely under the foot. For models 1000-1630, the shank is longer compared to Foot #29, to better work with thinner battings (This foot will work with all model Berninas 800 series, 900 series, 1000-1630). This foot is recommended for the artista 180; For owners of models 130-170, Foot #29 is recommended instead.
Fits all the older Berninas from 530 to 1530 including the lastest 1008
Fits the Artista, Aurora, Virtuosa & Activa



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