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Bernina Zip Foot

Bernina Foot No. 4

Sewing life is made far easier with the Bernina Zip Foot. You can also use Foot#4 for making and attaching pipings, welting and attaching snap tape. The “centered toe” of this foot rides close to the zipper coil while holding the fabric and zipper tape in contact with the feed dog. The notches on each side of the zip foot provide excellent fabric control aroundethe needle and help eliminate skipped stitches when sewing in zippers. At the same time, they allow the needle to stitch “just inside the edge” of the foot, for better precision. Note: This foot requires that the “far left” or “far right” needle positions be used.

TYPE A Bernina Zip Foot
Fits all the older Berninas from 530 to 1530 including the lastest 1008

TYPE B Bernina Zip Foot
Fits the Artista, Aurora, Virtuosa & Activa.

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