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Bernina L860 Overlocker

The Bernina L860 overlocker sews a lovely stitch and is very smooth running. The smoothness of the run is down to the way the machine is made. Or perhaps I should say, how well the L860 is made. Of course it’s a Bernina, so you’d expect to find quality. But even so, it feels really well made when you use it. And I’d urge you to use it, and try it out in our shop. Just so you can see for yourself what I mean.

Who should buy the Bernina L860

So, just who should buy the Bernina L860. Well, this is what I think. It’s not for everyone and the price alone will put most people off. However, the L860 is the perfect choice for some. A small number of our customers are perfectionists. And not only that, they are the creatives that produce some of the fabulous creations you often see on Instagram etc. Before they pick up so much as a pin, each new project is carefully researched. Every drawing meticulously calculated. So of course, they need a machine to live up to their precise expectations. Here it is.

Please click this link if you’d like to find out more about the Bernina L860


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