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Bernina 570 in Bambers Workshop

A Bernina 570 in Bambers Workshop. Without covers waiting to be retimed and tested. Many sewing machines arrive at our workshop with a timing issue. The position of the needle in relation to the shuttle hook, is a precise setting. If the needle is too high, or too low, the stitch won’t form. If the gap between the needle and hook is too big, similar problems will occur. And of course, if the needle is so badly out of position it strikes the hook, well then. That won’t do at all.

Bernina 570 Repairs & Service

My first visit to the Bernina UK headquarters was sometime in the early 1980’s. I stayed in an hotel called the Mount Pleasant. My room was tiny and the ‘bathroom’ was about the size of a large box of matches. There was a loo and a washbasin. No bath, no shower. So a stand-up, strip-down wash-down with a flannel was the best I could manage. I’d been sent to Bernina UK by my father for a week of technical training on the Bernina 930. Harry was the chief mechanic. A man with a depth of Bernina knowledge so deep, its seabed remained undiscovered.

The point of course, is that working on a Bernina sewing machine requires knowledge and skill. The Bernina 570 in Bambers workshop today, is someones valued treasure. It is certainly not a machine to be entrusted to just anyone. You may also note the set of Bernina tools and gauges, in our photo. These tools are essential, combined with a knowledge to reset a machine to its optimum adjustment.

Bernina 570 Quilters Sewing Machine

The Bernina 570 is often a quilters sewing machine. We have certainly sold a fair few 570’s to quilters. And the thing about quilters is they often spend extended periods on their machines. Hours, days and weeks may pass by as they sew away. So they need a top quality and durable sewing machine, such as the Bernina 570. In addition to the 570’s nice features and superior build quality, is the dual feed mechanism. This helps to feed the top layer of fabric more evenly.

Bernina 570 Sew Tests

Once this particular Bernina 570 has been retimed, serviced and cleaned. It will then be time for us to start the sew tests. Tensions will be tested and balanced to a good average. Various thicknesses of fabrics will be used to sew test the machine. And only when we are happy that the 570 is sewing well will the job be complete.
But for now, our Bernina 570 sits quietly. Waiting for her ‘close up’.

More information on the Bernina 570

If you’d like to find out more about the 570, please Click This Link.
Alternatively, if your Bernina requires expert attention from the Bamber team, please phone us for a chat – 0161 707 7786


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