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Bernina 730 Motor Conversion

Steve with Bernina 730
Steve wanted me to see his latest Bernina 730 motor conversion, today. He has refined the process and was quite proud of his work.
The only problem for many Bernina 730 owners, is the motor on these 40 year old Bernina 730’s are beginning to conk out after a lifetime of faithful service. It could mean the end of a beautiful relationship, but no…
Bernina 730
Rather than give up on your faithful friend, we can offer a solution that will bring you both back together again.
Bernina 730 motor conversion
We remove your old, worn out motor and replace it with a brand new one. Bernina no longer produce a replacement for their 730 model, so we use a good quality japanese motor. It runs very smoothly and provides your Bernina 730 with a new lease of life.
Bernina 730 replacement foot control
Our conversion also includes a new foot control and cable. This YDK foot control isn’t as nice as the original Bernina foot control, but it works a treat and will last a long time