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A Bernina B 780 Service job in the workshop. This one came in a week or so ago. Our usual turnaround time is usually 2-3 weeks. And as a Bernina Main Agent, we receive hundreds Bernina models every year. Here in our workshop we have all the Bernina setting gauges and tools. In addition to all that, we have years of experience stretching back to the 1950’s. Perhaps that is why we are always so busy.

The modern Bernina sewing machine is a marriage of old and new technology. And it’s important to have your machine regularly serviced. Especially if you are a Bernina quilter. You know how much you use your machine. In many cases the patchwork or quilting enthusiast has more than one machine.So you might decide to look at the new Bernina models on display in our showroom.

In this post, we’ll take you through some of the key points of our regular service routine. Every sewing machine that comes into our workshop is treated with care and respect. 

Bernina B 780 Service Routine

On arrival, we book your sewing machine in. We take some of your basic contact details, including your name, address and phone number. The we note down the details of your machine. The make, model and any faults or requirements. In addition, we also check which if any accessories have been brought in with the machine.
For example,

  • Foot Control
  • Bobbincase
  • Sewtable
  • Carry Case or Cover
  • General Accessories

This way we can ensure that everything that came in with the machine, is returned.

We use a 46 point check list on all service and repair work. And although we have adapted it over the years, to accommodate modern sewing machines. The thoroughness of our checks and testing continues. The Bernina B 780 service work, for example, includes a check of stepper motors. By contrast, on the older Bernina models we still check the pattern camstack, followers and gears. Here is a short selection of checks from our service list.

1 Polarity Check
2 Plug & Fuse
3 Cable Integrity
4 Carbon Brushes
5 Commutator

And it continues up to the 46 points I mentioned. And by the way, here are points 45 & 46.

45 Bench Cleared
46 Nothing Left Out

Dad wrote our service and repair check list, probably around fifty years ago. Our benches were always checked after we’d carried out any work. And at the end of every week, we cleaned and polished the bench tops.

So if your Bernina sewing machine requires attention A full service, a repair or even both. Come to Bambers.

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