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Bernina B325 Service & Repair

Here at Bambers we specialise in Bernina B325 service & repair work. We are after all a Main Agent for Bernina UK. Dad became a Bernina agent back in the 1950’s. So we have many years of experience. The growth of the internet has changed the sewing machine business. It has changed the way dealers sell and the way customers buy. And many of the younger element coming into the trade have little or no mechanical training. Instead they are a whizz on the web.

Alan and Steve began their working lives in the workshop. That’s where Dad stated us off and quite right too. We gained many years of experience working on Berninas, Pfaffs, Elnas etc. etc. etc.

So if your Bernina B325 requires service & repair, Bambers are the best place to come to. Our large and fully equipped workshop has all the tools and gauges required. Not only that, for many years Shahid has gained huge experience working for us. ‘Shedders’ is now our workshop manager. He is an expert in all the technical aspects of the Bernina range.

Our workshop is always busy. Hundreds of Bernina owners bring their precious machines to Bambers every year. As a consequence our turnaround time is usually 2 – 3 weeks. This often increases around Christmas time and the summer holidays. We do have a list of set charges for service work, but we always phone with a free estimate.

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