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Adventures with a new Bernina sewing machine

Claire recently bought a Bernina sewing machine from us and, like so many others, she is rather taken with it. So much so, she sent me this lovely email…

Hi there

I recently bought a gorgeous Bernina from you, and my 19 year old niece, Amy, has been learning on it. I’ve attached photos of a cushion she has recently made, I made the back piece, but did not touch the front at all. As you can see she’s done a mixture of straight sewing, and free hand embroidery/applique. This is the very first thing she has made, and she is delighted with it, I think it’s amazing too!
I was chatting to a member of staff in your haberdashery department last week, and she said you would like to see the photos, I hope you do. Feel free to use them as you wish.
Kind regards

Sewing with my BerninaSewing with my Bernina

Sewing with my Bernina

Sewing with my Bernina
Sewing with my Bernina