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A lady appeared and announced she wanted to buy a new sewing machine. When she left, she left with a shiny new Bernina B 435. And a happy smile.

But before all that, there was a slow dance around our showroom. Time for me to get to know the lady a little more – from a sewing point of view. Learn about her needs and requirements. It was quickly obvious she loved to sew. Like so many of the people I meet.

I want a perfect stitch. One that looks nice and is uniform in length. Oh – and I want a really nice buttonhole. One I can adjust, Alan.

She wasn’t the tallest of ladies and quite petite in her form. High Street dresses and blouses and jackets would all require an adjustment of some sort. And here was a lady who had learned all of that.

I’ve always sewn, Alan. I love to sew.

I showed her the Bernina B 325 and also the Janome Atelier 3. She liked the space and the size of the Atelier. Curtains were mentioned, but quilting was out.

When I sew I can sew for hours and hours, Alan.

Here was a lady who made adjustments to summer cotton dresses, winter woollen jackets, curtains and trousers but, most of all, she loved to sew.

We moved on to the Bernina B435 with its extra space. I showed her the sewing and the speed control and the needle up & down. And then I put foot 3A on and showed her the buttonhole. I used the control dials to make the tiniest of adjustments – to stitch width and length. The 435 has that advantage, for those looking for the stitch to be made just the way they like.

The lady looked at me and I looked back, and the deal was done. I carried out her machine and placed it snug in the boot of her motor. She was gone.

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