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Bernina Toolbox Software

Finally, the Bernina Toolbox Software offers the Bernina embroiderer some flexibility. I remember when we had the store on Oldham Street, in the city centre. Pfaff introduced a machine embroidery software package, back in the early 1980’s. Compared to todays options it was very rudimentary but it was available in PC & MAC versions. Since then every major sewing machine brand has stuck to the PC-Windows platform. Subsequently,  I have discussed this matter with customers, teachers, suppliers and manufacturers. If only there was a set of modular software packages that would work on PC’s and the Mac.
These days many people own various makes and models of embroidery machine. The MAC platform is often their favoured choice.. I’m sure the Bernina Toolbox Software will appeal to them. Finally, as I said, Bernina have listened and released a small range of software packages to cater for the modern customer.

Modular Software Packages

Bernina have introduced a series of basic editing packages which can either be bought as a bundle or as individual modular packages, and all at a reasonable cost. So far they haven’t released a package with full digitising capabilities, but it can only be a matter of time before they do – hopefully.

As ever, please feel free to phone me and have a chat about this software before you part with your brass. Let’s make sure it does what you expect.
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