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Please take care when choosing Bernina 790 Needles. Don’t buy inferior brands and then expect your 790 to sew well. It won’t, it will kick up a right old stink, and it will be all your fault. Poor stitch quality and poor tensions are all you should expect. By the way, the same goes for thread. Use that old reel of thread that your granny gave you forty five years ago and, once more, trouble will brew. I say, trouble will brew.

So, instead of messing about and wondering which Bernina 790 needles are best, buy Schmetz. They are a top notch needle and perfect for your Bernina. There are various types and various sizes and if you gaze at the choice with uncertainty, fear not. Just pick up the blower and ask us. We’re always happy to help.

Please Click Here to go to the Schmetz Needles page on our website.

Or, if you can’t be bothered with any more tinter web, please pick up your blower and dial – 0161 707 7786

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