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You may already have a Bernina software package installed on your computer. It may be one of the embroidery design packages such as, Editor or Designer Plus. You might have the Bernina Cutwork package or My Label pattern software. You might even own a suite of software packages, and good for you if you do.

Bernina Software Error

However, what is the biggest headache with all of these Bernina software packages. (It’s exactly the same problem with Janome & Brother software, by the way). Every other week I get a phone call from a customer with exactly the same problem. They have just upgraded their computer and of course it’s loaded with the latest version of Windows. They bought their Bernina software four or five years ago and used it without a hitch, but now it isn’t compatible with the latest Windows software.

Bernina Software Patch

Bernina provide excellent aftersales help, and you can often download a ‘patch’ which will enable your old Bernina software to run on your new computer. Upgrade patches will only go so far and you may find your Bernina software is too ‘old’ to be upgraded.
The best advice is to keep the computer on which you’ve installed your Bernina software.