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Uploading Embroidery Designs to your Bernina

Bernina embroidery machine

How to save designs to your USB memory stick and then transfer them to your Bernina Embroidery Machine.

When saving your designs to USB Memory Stick through the BERNINA Artista Embroidery Software or from OESD Explorations, some factors should be kept in mind:

  1. The most current version of ADX is available for download from Berninas Website.  Follow the step by step instructions to download the most up to date version available today.
  2. The Artista 200 and 730 models are able to read .ART formatted designs OR .EXP formatted designs.
  3. The Artista 630 and 640 only reads EXP formatted designs.  It is not like the 730/200 that can read ART or EXP designs.
  4. The EXP files saved to the USB Stick are best saved using the ADX method of file transfer.  Version 4.0 users do have the option to get the DST/EXP option and add it onto your Editor/Auto-Designer/Designer Plus software.  
  5. If you don’t have the DST/EXP option, you can still use the ADX (Artista Data eXchange) utility to transfer your files.  ADX does three things:
    • For those machines that only read EXP formatted designs, ADX converts the ART embroidery design to EXP and saves the file to the USB stick
    • For Artista 630/640 users, ADX creates companion files (one .INF and one .BMP) for each embroidery design transferred.  These companion files are necessary to allow the converted ART file to show correctly on the 630/640 screen.
  6. If you have the DST/EXP option for your BERNINA Artista Embroidery Software, you MUST save the EXP files onto the stick. 
  7. If you downloaded EXP designs from other online websites, you will need to drag and drop/copy and paste the files onto the USB Stick. 

Folder Note for 630/640 machines:  Remember, designs must be saved in EXP format and located in the \EmbF5 folder before they will show up on a USB stick when inserted into an Artista 630/640 machine.  ART designs will not show up on the Artista 630/640 machine.

To WRITE to a stick with ADX:

  1. First, attach the USB stick to your PC and browse the stick via MY COMPUTER or WINDOWS EXPLORER.  The drive letter the stick is assigned can vary depending on what other drives you have on your PC.  The stick will show as ‘OESD-Designs’ or ‘BERNINA-Designs’ along with a drive letter such as (F:/).
  2. Check to see if the stick has any empty folders on it already.  If there aren’t any folders, that is ok.  However, we need to ensure something is on the stick for the rest of this process to work.  In the My Computer window, go to FILE and highlight NEW.  From the sub-menu that appears, selected ‘TEXT DOCUMENT’.  A New Text Document will appear below on the stick.  Press ENTER to accept this file name for the document.  We don’t need to enter anything into the text document, just create the file onto the stick.
  3. Next, open your BERNINA software and open the preferred design within the BERNINA Artista software.
  4. Click FILE and then choose CARD/MACHINE WRITE from the menu.  You can also use the WRITE TO MACHINE icon located at the top of the window.
  5. You will now see a DEVICE SELECTION window.  Choose “BERNINA USB Stick (import / export EXP designs)” by clicking the bullet point circle beside this listing and click OK.
  6. As long as there is at least the New Text Document on the stick, the stick should be recognized by ADX.  You should see the “Write to Embroidery System (ADX 3.1)” window appear that will allow you to transfer the file to the stick.  If you do not get this window, stop and go back to My Computer to create the New Text Document as explained above.
  7. Click the BLUE ARROW just to the left of the preview of your design you are about to transfer.  The data will be sent and a “Design successfully download to the embroidery system ” confirmation will appear confirming the file was transferred.

Please Note: This procedure relevant at the time of writing –  September 2012

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