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A day in the life of a PR650 embroidery machine.

And so to West Wickham, to deliver a Brother PR650 embroidery machine.
PR650 boxed

Once we receive the customers order for a PR650, we place an order with Brother UK. It’s usually only 2 or 3 days before the new PR650 is delivered to our store. I suppose it helps that Brother UK are based in Audenshaw, which is only a few miles up the road from us.

PR650 pre-delivery tests
Next, we unpack the new PR650 and take it into our workshop for pre-delivery checks and tests. We deliver PR650’s and PR1000’s all over the country, so it’s important that we test your new embroidery machine before delivery. We go through a series of tests, just to ensure that everything is perfect.

PR650 embroidery sample
Finally, we sew out an embroidery sample on the new PR650. Looking good!

pr650 loaded into the van for delivery
The new PR650 is loaded into the van, ready for delivery. I always sit the PR650 in it’s packing-base. I think it helps to protect the machine and stops it sliding around on the journey.

pr650 delivery aided by sat navWhere would I be without my Sat-Nav on these PR650 delivery journeys. This one isn’t too bad, only 240 miles to West Wickham. I think my furthest embroidery machine delivery journey was to Elgin, in Inverness. Now that was a journey. Climbing all the way through a terrible rain storm. I think at one stage I was driving through clouds.

I stayed overnight at the customers house – lovely family.  I normally spend a few hours with any new PR650 customer, just to take them through basic procedures on their new embroidery machine.

Next morning I departed for home. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and I don’t think I’ve ever seen more beautiful countryside. The views driving away from Inverness were stunning. I must have made a hundred trips delivering Brother ‘PR’ embroidery machines, to towns and villages all over the UK, but that trip will stay with me forever.

Most of my PR650 delivery journeys are to the south of England, and the M6 toll road has been a bit of a lifesaver. It just the right distance from our store to stop for a quick loo visit and a bite to eat. I just wish it ran all the way down to the south coast!

pr650 delivery lunch box
Time for a snack. That pork pie looks nice, and I see William and Kate have made the news – again!

pr650 customers workroom
My faithful Sat-Nav takes me to the door of our latest PR650 customer. A lovely woman, with a great embroidery workroom in her garden. Too shy to be photo’d, she let me take a shot of her new embroidery machine in-situ. I’ve gone through everything with this customer, and I’m sure the new PR650 will make a big difference to her embroidery business.

pr650 journey going home
Phew, that was a long one. Some people only need an hour or two before they get the hang of their new PR650. This time I was at the customers home for six hours. I don’t mind, it’s important that the customer knows how to use their new embroidery machine before I leave.

I stop again at the M6 toll road services and then carry on back to Manchester – the centre of the universe. I arrive home in the early hours and catch a fews hours sleep before the day begins again.