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Brother PR Service in Edinburgh

A police incident was the cause of a very long tailback on the M6. The TV reporter identified the location as the Preston slip road. So Steve and I sat back and and enjoyed a second cup of coffee. May as well be comfy and warm at home than stuck in a road traffic jam. Our job was a Brother PR Service in Edinburgh. I declined the offer of a toasted teacake and listened to the weather woman talk of winds, sleet and snow. Put another bar on the fire, Stevie….

The week before we had driven up to our customer in Edinburgh. Once there we collected three Brother PR650’s for service and repair. Driving around Scotland is always a pleasure. The roads are generally clearer and the views are magnificent. Beats being stuck on the M25 and hemmed in by lorries. So todays trip was to return the three PR’s back to their rightful owner. In most cases our turnaround time for Brother PR service/Repair work is one week. This usually includes the collection and return and we cover most of the UK.

Driving through Biggar is a chance to see an ‘old fashioned’ high street. So few of them have escaped the usual chop of charity and coffee shop takeovers. We arrive at our destination, and our customer – a very nice and happy lady. We soon unload the three PR’s and carry them back to their places. Steve goes through the details of the service and repair work. Then he tests the frame bracket calibrations. Another job complete and, as I said, a Brother Service in Edinburgh was a nice change.
All done, we wish the lady well and turn the van for home.

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