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Brother PR1050x Delivery to Mansfield

Steve and I went out on a Brother PR1050x delivery to Mansfield, back in 2019. It was just before all the Covid problems began. We delivered either two or three machines to an existing customer. The ten needle embroidery machine is a considered choice. Firstly, the six needle machine is more than adequate. And if you personalise garments with less than four colours, why spend more. But then if you can see the benefit of ten needles, and you can justify the expense – go for it.

Our customer was an old friend, working as she did for one of our suppliers in the past. Now she has set up her own bridal business in a rather smart studio workshop. It was nice to catch up and chat and see her doing well. Steve and I went through a few of the operations. But as this lady already had an earlier model she was pretty clued up.

but then if you can see the benefits of ten needles and you can justify the expense – go for it!

After the demo we collected a few machines for service and loaded up the van. Before too long we were headed back to Manchester.