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I took the short journey to Southport this morning and collected a lady’s Brother PR1055X for service. She was a lovely lady, and full of concern for her machine. I drove slow and steady – I always do – on the way back to the shop. Her PR1055X was packed nicely in the back of the van. I wrapped the screen in soft polyester to protect it – and keep it warm.

I remember being a small boy back in the 1960’s. Dad had his old shop in Cadishead, then. Every few Wednesdays or so, Dad and Mum would take me and one of the girls in the shop to Southport. In those days, most shops closed on a Wednesday afternoon. Or at least they did around Manchester and Salford. So we’d all head off to southport and park up near the beach. Mum made some sandwiches and brought some tea in a flask. Dad brought his primus stove to grill some sausages and a large blanket for us all to sit on. And soon enough we’d be happily chomping away tucked in between the dunes and the grass. Happy days.

Anyway, back to the Brother PR1055X. My brother Steve is working away on it. He’s just stripped the covers and soon he’ll begin going through our check list. All mechanisms will be tested and reset. The whole machine will be cleaned and properly lubricated. And finally, when it’s all back together again, Steve will start on the test sews and tension balancing.

A careful drive back to Southport will follow.

Brother PR1055X Service
A Brother PR1055x in the workshop for service