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Brother PR1055X to Lincolnshire

Steve and I took a pleasant journey yesterday. We delivered a Brother PR1055X to Lincolnshire. The customer is a nice chap and a ‘regular’. We’ve serviced his two PR6 models a few times before now. His work load was increasing and he was finding it difficult to keep up with his two existing PR6 models. Working on more and more school uniform logos justified the purchase of the ten needle PR1055X. In addition, the built-in camera system will help to place designs and wording in exactly the right spot.

Like many of our customers, our chap has a workroom in his garden. It’s all very well organised and warm. If you have the space, I would suggest the garden workroom is a far more cost effective choice than renting a shop or unit. The choice is of course yours to make.

Stevie had provided ham butties for the journey. They were washed down with the usual coffee from the flask. The journey was straight forward with only a few traffic jams on the outward leg. I was home and in bed by four o’clock. Another busy day tomorrow…

You can read up more about the Brother PR1055X on our website.
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