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Brother PR6 Repair in Hereford

Before Steve and I began joining forces on our Brother PR calls, we used to travel out alone. This was a mistake. It involved too much work – too much driving and too much carrying for one man. On one trip I remember, I arrived at a block of flats in the Elephant & Castle, London. The customer lived on the sixth floor, and the lift was broken. I carried the machine, I think it was a Brother PR650, up twelve flights of stairs. Not easy. But I got the job done and the customer was happy.

This is another trip I did alone. A Brother PR6 repair in Hereford. For a number of years, prior to Covid, I booked a stand at the BETA show. Everything for the horse from a saddle to an ointment. The venue was the sprawling National Exhibition Centre, in Birmingham. It led to a number of Brother PR jobs in and around the county of Herefordshire. I called on many farms and a few horse studs.

And of course along the route I stop to take a snap of a church, or two. Interesting places – churches. What with all the individual architecture and history, and all that. I remember along the way there was a lovely trout fishery. So of course I pulled up to take a look. Beautiful place it was too. I’d have loved to stay a spell, and cast a fly. Maybe some other time?

I reached my customer and returned her machine. A brother PR that had required a service and repair. I’d previously met the lady and her family at BETA. I asked permission and took this snap. Steve and I travel the length and breadth. Not only to deliver new machines. But to look after our customers forever more.