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Brother PR650 Service in Wales

Wednesday 1st December 2021 we were booked for a Brother PR650 Service in Wales. Our customer had two PR650’s in need of attention. First we headed off to another call in Walsall. Then it was over to Wales. Once we left the motorways and A roads behind, the roads became smaller and began to wind around the countryside. So the journey takes longer and each mile seems like two. However, all the pockets of small towns and villages make up for the time spent behind the wheel.

I took a few snaps while Steve drove the van. It wasn’t the brightest or driest of days, but hopefully you get the idea. Windy roads and small town architecture make a pleasant change from the M6 or M25. Some may even recognise our journey.

Eventually, we reached our destination – another small town running alongside the river Irfon. The lady was nice and had a lovely kitchen in the modern style. We chatted about her machines and she asked about a new Brother PR680W. Soon we were loaded up and ready to head back to Manchester. We will return in a weeks time. With those jobs where we collect and return, our general turn around time is one week.

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