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Brother PR655 Service in Carnforth

Todays trip, a Brother PR655 Service in Carnforth.

Scrambled eggs on seeded wholemeal and lightly buttered toast. The option of pepper was offered, but I chose to decline. At home I may have added a splash of Worcestershire Sauce, possibly even two, but too much decadence will only lead to the corruption of a man. Coffee came along as a wash-down. I considered myself to have been well fed and watered and ready to face the day.

We climbed into the van and headed North up the M6 and on to todays customer – located in Carnforth. Famous of course for David Leans film – Brief Encounter. ‘I shall love you always until the end of my life’. On reaching the station car park, we were presented with one of those irritating ‘Pay with the App’ machines. Stuck on its flank was a jaunty message about how easy it was…Several wasted minutes later Stevie and I set off to climb the high street hill and explore. Very soon we had explored a busy little town with far too much traffic and a hardware store which Stevie rejected. Cupping a hand against the glare and staring through the window. He said: ‘Not enough back’

We repaired to the van for a feed. Ham & Egg butties and coffee from the flask. We spoke about how usually we’d be hundreds of miles away in Kent or Essex or the like. Our customer – a very lovely lady – lived in a rather splendid house. We carefully removed the PR650 from her sewing room, negotiated a spiral staircase and then out for another careful landing in the van.

Fresh coffee was kindly offered and gratefully received. A gentle house dog made a brief appearance and took a quick sniff of the two strangers in camp. We passed his casual inspection and he moved on – possibly to consider a late and dazzling career in international politics. He had the look about him, I thought.

As per our general routine in all these situations. The lady’s PR will be returned to our shop. It will be wheeled into our workshop where it will be stripped for a thorough general service. Cleaned and properly lubricated with all the correct products, it will then go through our set of test sews. Only when we consider the job done will we sign it off. Then, in most cases, the machine will be returned by us the following Wednesday. So. If you’d like Stevie and me (I know, but it rhymes – so). Yes. As I was saying. If you’d like Stevie and me to turn up at your door to collect your Brother PR for service or repair – don’t be shy, give us a call. We’ll be happy to oblige. Carry on.

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