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Brother PR655 Service in Darlington

We continued on from our call in Doncaster. Next on the itinerary was a Brother PR655 service in Darlington. In fact we were returning two machines, a PR650e along with a PR655. The customer is a nice chap and an existing customer. He runs his busy embroidery operation from home. Many of our customers do the same. It is unquestionably less expensive than renting a shop, or a unit. Obviously if your business grows, in equipment and size, you may need to move out of the living room. But along with every dream of a shop on the high street – comes a large bill. Rent, rates, gas, water, electric etc. etc. etc. All before you make a penny.

Our chap has numerous embroidery machines. He gave us another Brother PR670e to service and repair. A kind offer of a coffee and the use of his loo was politely declined. But the offer was noted all the same. Stevie and I take turns on the sandwich making front. And Stevie always makes a flask of coffee. Most of the service station sandwiches are made from wood chips and cardboard, and they cost far too much. We put the extra PR in the van and wished our chap well.

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