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Brother PR670e delivery to Spalding

The day began with singed teacakes and coffee. Wednesdays we do our long-haul calls, and todays job was a Brother PR670e delivery to Spalding. Steve was standing in his kitchen chatting away to me about work. Consequently the breakfast teacakes were getting rather hot under the collar. The smell of burnt bread began to percolate and reached Stevie. A quick dash to the toaster saved the cakes from total incineration. Washed down with the coffee they weren’t too bad.

A welcome change

Breakfast complete we set ourselves up in the van and entered the details of our customers address into the sat nav system. We loaded up the sandwiches along with a flask of coffee and another of water. The drive to Lincolnshire is always a welcome change . It should be noted that in most cases Steve and I find ourselves driving down the M6. Typically our destination is somewhere in Essex or Kent and normally involves heavy traffic. So, a nice drive through the A roads that cut through the Lincolnshire countryside offers a pleasant distraction. Furthermore there’s more opportunity to photograph a few church buildings along the way.

A lovely lady

Finally we reached our customer. M was a lovely lady and she reported how excited she had been. In contrast to many of the sewing machines we supply, the Brother PR670e clearly opens different doors. Particularly when it comes to developing a home-based business. Indeed, we have helped numerous start up businesses get a foot hold and prosper.
Steve and I carried the machine into M’s sewing room along with the various accessories and starter kit. We always provide new embroidery threads and stabilisers and a Madeira colour chart.
We began the tuition process and slowly took M through the use of her machine. The husband appeared and kindly offered two coffees. A kind gesture.

Soon enough M declared herself satisfied and happy with our service. We said our goodbyes and turned the motor towards home. The Brother PR670e delivery to Spalding had gone well. The customer was happy, the roads were clear and the two Bamber boys had done their job well.