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Brother PR670e Service Birmingham

The title of todays PR Adventure is, Brother PR670e Service Birmingham. In addition to a chap with a poorly PR670e, we also have a collection from a college. I leave just after 6am to meet with Steve for breakfast. Not only are there dead leaves running around, the roads are dark. Arriving at Stevie’s, I am presented with a cup of coffee and a hot buttered crumpet for breakfast. Lovely… And it’s my turn to produce the sandwiches for the trip. Todays menu consists of Beef, with a touch of Horseradish sauce, and Spam with a light dash of HP. All wrapped in brown wholemeal bread.

Heading south nearly always involves a stop at the M6 toll road services. A chance to stretch the legs and enjoy a comfort break. As well as that, the stop allows us to dig into the nosh. A butty or two consumed and a cup of coffee drunk, we move on. Soon we arrive at our first customer. A nice young chap in a modern house. He’s got his Brother PR670e ready for collection. We chat about the issues – his machine requires a service and there are one or two minor faults. Steve and I carefully carry his machine out to our van. The new Volkswagen is performing well for us. It looks the part and fuel consumption is good. We say our goodbyes and head off to the next call.

Todays menu consists of beef with a touch of horseradish sauce, and Spam with a light dash of HP. All wrapped in brown wholemeal bread.

We now have to navigate our way across Birmingham, and on to the College. The traffic isn’t too bad but the route is quite convoluted. It takes some time to reach our second destination. Finally we arrive and the machine is waiting for us in reception. This time its a Brother PR1050 – the ten needle embroidery model. This machine hasn’t been used in a while, and the teacher says it needs some TLC.

Once again Steve and I carefully carry the big PR out and into the back of the van. I take a quick snap for your perusal. And I tell our kid to tuck his shirt in. Standards, dear boy. Standards.
So, we are now loaded up with two Brother PR machines for service and repair. Dad, in his wisdom, brought both Steve and I on through the workshop, in the early days. We both learned the art of servicing and repairing many makes and models of sewing machines. He sent us on various courses in the UK and abroad, and all to the good. So we can both now reap the rewards of Dads foresight. It matters not where you bought your Brother PR from. All that matters is that you should ask us, Alan & Steve Bamber, to service or repair it. So please get in touch and book us to provide some expert attention to your machine.

Stevie notes down a few particulars before we move on. Maybe, once we clear the city, there’s a handy lay-by where we can pull over for lunch. I’m sure there’s still some of that Spam and coffee left…