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Brother PR670e Trip to Scarborough and Louth

As usual I arrived at Steves for a breakfast of toast and coffee. On todays agenda was a Brother PR670e trip to Scarborough and Louth. Some months back we made the decision to close the shop on Wednesdays. This means we can now travel together on future Brother PR trips. Firstly, it means we can share the driving. Secondly, we can carry the Brother PR’s we collect and deliver between us. Thirdly, we have each other for company.

Taking turns in butty production, we usually take a comfort break around mid morning. Pulling into service stations on motorways or A and B roads also helps to break the journey. There’s nothing quite like a Spam butty, with a dash of HP, and coffee from a flask. Reminds us of day trips when we were little boys.

Today we headed first up to Scarborough to a customer with a big operation. In the sense that he and his wife have multiple Brother PR machines. Today we were delivering number thirteen. So, as I mentioned, a big operation.

The journey up was rather uneventful, and the further we travelled the more the traffic thinned. I usually do the first leg on our trips, and Stevie drives us home. It also allows us time to chat about future plans concerning work etc. With a break from the distractions of unending telephone calls.

Brother PR670e ScarbourghSoon enough we arrive at the first call. We carry in the new Brother PR670e and place it in a space between the ranked battalions. We carry out an old PR600 that requires a repair. Our workshop is always busy and more and more of our time is spent on the service and repair of Brother PR models. It matters not where you bought your PR, from us or elsewhere. We can collect or you can deliver. Just phone us first to arrange.

Goodbyes and see you soons were spoken and then we were off. Down to Louth this time and a new customer. On arrival Steve and I were impressed. A nice clean bright and airy unit. Busy with the sale of personalised Babywear. People were bobbing about packing and sorting all the orders coming in.

Brother PR670e LouthThey were using a Brother VR, a single needle machine. OK for simple use but, as they pointed out, a bit to slow for their operation. Luckily for us, the lady in charge of the embroidery was familiar with the PR. So our usual full demonstration wasn’t really necessary. So once again we were soon on our way.

Two new Brother PR670e’s delivered, one to Scarborough and one to Louth. Now, it was time for us to head home. On the way back from our calls we often stop at a service station for a reviving cup of tea. Of course we avoid the coffee at these places because it tastes like bilge water. But a nice cup of tea freshens us both up after hours behind the wheel.

Roadside coffee on our Brother PR tripThis time a small roadside cafe did the job. A couple of alfresco teas and soon enough were were headed for home. Until we venture out once more on our next adventure.

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