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Brother PR680W Delivery to Hull

I arrived at Stevies place at 5.45 am for a breakfast of coffee and toast. Todays trip was a Brother PR680W delivery to Hull. It was Steves turn to make the sandwiches so he set about the task and made coffee for the trip. The benefits of home made sandwiches and proper instant coffee cannot, I feel, be too overstated. Sandwiches from service stations are obviously made from cardboard, not bread. And the coffee from similar locations is nothing less than bitter bilge water. Although the tea can be quite refreshing, at least in our experience.
Our first call was in Scarborough and, as we were early, we pulled off the A64 onto a lay-by for a coffee break. Steve presented the new flask for general inspection. Bigger and more robust than our last flask – it delivered a satisfyingly hot cup. I took the snap of rising steam for your appreciation.

There’s a Morrisons supermarket only a mile away so we often park up there for a break. The lavatory facilities are very poor in the Morrisons, but luckily things are much improved over at the Costa coffee place. We rested and drank the ‘coffees to go’ and reflected on the mornings work – so far. Next call – Hull.
As we reached the outer reaches of Hull we started to look for a petrol station. In other towns and cities the petrol shortage was causing problems for all. Hull on the other seemed normal, so we topped up the van. Travelling all over the country every Wednesday delivering and collecting PR’s means we get through quite a bit of fuel.

Brother PR680W Hull

The satellite system brought us to the street we were looking for. A happy chap met us at his door and welcomed us into his home. We run all the Brother PR models we deliver through a pre-dellivery check back in our workshop. This ensures every machine is perfect before we knock on our customers door.
Steve put the PR680W through its paces and explained the operation.

We left our customer happy and excited with their new PR680W. We’d done our job, delivered on time and demonstrated the machine to their satisfaction. So we said our goodbyes and headed back to Manchester. I always drive to our destinations and Stevie drives us home. I took this snap as we drove under the Humber bridge. Blue skies, a warm sun and a fair breeze. We stopped on the way back and finished the last of the sandwiches and coffee. All was well.