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Brother PR680W to Penrith & Blackpool

A double call and this time and both in ‘The North’ for a change. Deliver the Brother PR680W to Penrith & Blackpool was todays remit. After warm sunny skies, the clouds had gathered and brought some sleet and light snow. The traffic was a little heavy but at least it was moving along. A slight hold up at the junction with the M6, aside from that nothing to write home about. We did of course stop at Tebay Services for the usual comfort break and this time we treated ourselves to a sausage roll. Well, you only live once.

We arrived at the Penrith address. A smart modern house. The lady, a very jolly sort, had ordered both the PR680W and the Brother PR stand. Two flights of narrow stairs to climb, but the two of us together made short work of it. Our lady already ran an online business – doesn’t everyone these days – and so personalised embroidery would be a nice extra. I’ve seen many home based online businesses grow significantly with the addition of a Brother PR680W embroidery machine. And with our superb after sales services and free loan PR, they all have a trustworthy back up behind them. That, I would humbly suggest dear reader, is worth far more than a discount or freebie at the point of purchase.

Stevie went through the basic tuition with our lady. He showed her how to thread, how to operate and how to maintain. She asked questions, we gave answers. We laughed, we joked, we drank her coffee – two cups. Then, we were done. We said our goodbyes and turned the van to Blackpool.

We came upon dear old Blackpool via country lane. Driving into a rather smart street of houses, we found our number. I rang and a lady appeared. ‘Upstairs’? I asked. Most of the machines we deliver go upstairs, or through the house across the garden and into the outside workroom. ‘No, downstairs’ came the welcome reply. ‘Nice’ said Stevie, when I told him. Again our lady had ordered the Brother Stand to sit her PR680W upon. She had a busy and very tidy looking sewing room, with a nice friend for help.

Another tuition lesson followed, and many questions were asked. And once our lady was happy, and only then. We made our way back home. It was quicker heading back than coming, of course. It was downhill all the way.

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