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Steve and I set off to visit Suzanne, one of our many equestrian embroidery customers. Her Brother PR670e is used every day and had developed a fault. An uneventful trip down the M6. As usual we slogged through the unending roadworks and speed restrictions around Stafford. What can you do? Anyway, we chatted away about shoes and ships and all that to pass the time.

On arrival a tractor was unloading sacks of feed. Suzannes business is based in a farm yard, and there’s always something going on. Careful negotiation around the tractor, and the pile of feed sacks, we found a safe space to park. This yard is quite a clean one. I remember one trip to a dairy farm was quite different. It was about 12 inches deep in manure. Lovely.

Inside Suzannes unit it’s an Alladins cave for the horse lover. It’s also pretty blooming’ chilly, but horse people are pretty hardy folk. Steve gave the Brother PR670e a check over and it was decided it was time for a service. We always recommend that PR’s are serviced every 500 hours. It keeps them in tip-top condition if you do. This is particularly important to bear in mind with your business operations. Especially for those owners with only one machine. Clearly, if you run your PR into the ground and don’t have it serviced, there will be trouble ahead.

Steve and I loaded Suzannes PR into the van. We left her with one of our loan machines. This helps our customers minimise their ‘down time’. And Suzanne was relieved that she had a machine to continue her work with.