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On todays agenda – Brother PR Repairs in York, Scarborough & Redcar.
Steve and I headed north to collect various multi needle embroidery machines. Ahead, through the pasty grey morning, a motorway bridge framed the golden lamp of dawn. We drove through the gateway and, on reaching the other side, found nothing – just a sign for Wetherby and York. We continued. 


Brother PR670e Service in York

The first call was just off the A64. A nice chap with a friendly way about him. And, like so many of our commercial embroidery customers, he ran his operation in a unit on a small industrial estate. We carried out two Brother PR670e six needle embroidery machines. Both required a general service. One, our chap reported, often broke thread on needle six. We asked, and he replied that he used Marathon embroidery thread. A good choice. We supply and recommend both Marathon and Madeira embroidery thread.

The two machines safely loaded into the VW, we bade him farewell and headed off to the next call. 

A mile or so along the A64, we pulled over and into a lay-by for a coffee break. We each take turns in providing sandwiches for our Wednesday journeys. But Steve always brings three flasks. Tea, coffee and water. We sat, we chatted, we drank our coffee and watched the slow traffic drift by. Today, it was ham and mustard on wholemeal barmcakes. We saved the sandwiches for later.

Brother PR680W Service in Scarborough

Scarborough and our second call. A nice family business that we’ve called on many times. Always busy. We collected five Brother PR’s for service and repair. Driving up and around the east of England takes the driver through some beautiful countryside. So many times, Steve and I drive up and down the major motorways. The scenery is so often the back end of a large Eddie Stobart truck, overtaking another at half a mile faster. So it always makes a pleasant change to meander through the countryside. To see some green fields, sheep, pigs or cows. The odd horse, maybe – and an old farm house. We continued.


Brother PR1000e Service in Redcar

With the North Sea on our right shoulder, we headed up to Redcar. The grey weather continued, but the rain held off. Before we set off we calculate the total mileage, then we split the journey into four or six sections. This way Stevie and I can share the driving. So no one man drives for too long. One can the drive while the other one rests. Anyway, at this point Stevie was driving along another quiet country road. A small layby appeared and he turned into it. Sandwich time, and another cup of coffee. The rain began to splash on the windscreens as we munched our way through the ham and barmcakes.

Shortly afterwards we arrived at our last call, in Redcar. A nice lady showed us into her sewing/embroidery workroom. This one was very smart, Like the units on industrial sites, we visit many people running their embroidery businesses from home. Some are a repossessed bedroom – when the son or daughter has finally moved out. Some are in the garden – a reconverted shed. Or something a little grander in the shape of the modern garden workroom. Complete with a laminated floor. Others are extensions built onto the house for the specific purpose of embroidered enterprise.
We collected a Brother PR1000e for service. The lady had written out a note, detailing the issues. Very handy for us. We said our goodbyes and carried her machine out to the van.

Leeds Service Station – and a Count Up!

On the way back to Manchester, we stopped off at Leeds Service Station. You may be familiar with the place. It’s the one with the curvy roof with grass growing on it. As service stations go, this is a nice one. And Steve and I should know, what with all the driving we do on our Wednesday journeys. The car park is well laid out and not tucked around a corner. The main building has the modern feel and it all looks relatively clean – for now. Inside is a bright and cavernous hall with various shops and a choice of eating outlets. Of course the Ladies & Gents loos are right at the back. So every now and then you’ll be able to spy a lesser spotted the brisk-walker… One thing – on leaving the car park, I noted two chaps using a machine that cleaned the mud from the verges. And Inside I’d seen another team cleaning the glass of the stairway. If only all motorway service stations employed such care. Let’s hope it lasts.

Back at the van, Steve and I had a quick count up. We’d collected 8 Brother PR embroidery machines. A new record. We jumped back in the cab and celebrated with a cup of tea. Still nice and hot and far better than the stuff you get from the Coffee outlets. We chatted some more about the day, and all the machines we’d collected. But one thing we decided upon – we definitely need a bigger van…

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