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Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655, PR1000 & PR1050x Service and Repair.

Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655, PR1000 & PR1050x Service and Repair.

If your Brother PR model requires attention then you’ve come to the right place. For instance, if your PR is not producing good work phone us first, we might solve the issue with just some simple advice. After that, we can also determine if your PR requires a service or some repair work carrying out.

Bambers are Experts at Brother PR Service & Repair Work

Bambers are experts in the repair and service of the Brother PR Series. In our large and well-stocked workshop we service and repair more that a hundred PR models each year. So we truly are experts in this field and have many years of experience. Firstly, it is most important to have your PR serviced every 500 hours of use, because this will help keep it running smoothly. Secondly, you should build any service costs into your embroidery operation. Likewise, bear in mind your PR will possibly conk out at some point.

Spares and Accessories

We carry  a large stock of spares and accessories for the Brother PR range. So we can quickly replace any worn out or damaged parts during repairs or service. Consequently we offer a reasonable turnaround time and most importantly keep your downtime to a minimum.

Please phone to book in

Brother PR6 serviceOn average your Brother PR will be with us for just one week. Consequently it is important that you phone us first because we need to book your PR in with our work schedule. During the period your PR is in our workshop, we can generally provide you with a loan machine. Meanwhile this service is only available to customers who booked their PR in with us first, and who bought their PR from Bambers in the first place. Above all we understand how ‘down-time’ can impact your business. We certainly try our best to keep this to an absolute minimum.

Below you can see the Check and Test list we use in our workshop on every Brother PR service or repair job. In addition to our expert attention we offer very reasonable rates. For instance a general service on a Brother PR6 model will cost £269 plus parts and vat.

We phone with a free estimate

Once your Brother PR is sat on one of our benches it will be stripped and tested. After that, we always phone to discuss the work required and to provide a free estimate. No Brother PR leaves our workshop without a series of final tests and sew tests. You will find the sew sample with your PR on completion.
So in conclusion, should your PR require any attention get in touch with the experts. Please phone Alan or Steve Bamber on 0161 707 7786 for a friendly chat. Our trips to our various embroidery customers takes us all over mainland UK. So wherever you might be, phone Bambers for expert advice.


Bambers Workshop Checks & Tests

  1. Hours
  2. Plug & Fuse
  3. Cable Integrity
  4. Remove all….
  5. Covers
  6. Thread Guide Base
  7. X/Y Feed Carriage
  8. Arm Bed from Base Frame
  9. Lubricate/Replace Idle Pulley Shaft Gear
  10. Remove Tension Base Platform
  11. Strip Tension Units & Replace Felts
  12. Strip & Clean Pre-tensions & Check Springs
  13. Check 6 Check Springs in Thread Tension Units
  14. Lubricate Machine
  15. Re-assemble
  16. Replace Fixed Knife & Presser
  17. Check Movable Knife Condition & Adjust
  18. Base Rubbers
  19. Main Motor Check
  20. Drive Belt Check
  21. X Drive Belt Check
  22. Y Drive Belt Check
  23. Check Take-up Lever Drivinbg Arm Play in Cam
  24. Replace Needles
  25. Check Needle Threader
  26. Check Thread Presser Base Velcro Condition
  27. Check X – Y Position Zero
  28. Check Shuttle Timimg
  29. Check Needle to Hook Gap
  30. Check Picker Position
  31. Presser Foot Height
  32. Check Hoop Sensor Adjustment
  33. Check Sensors
  34. Zero Service Time
  35. Check ‘O’ Rings
  36. Clean Covers & Refit
  37. Test Sew





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