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A photo of a PR600 Repair in our wokshop.
A lady brought her Brother PR600 embroidery machine in for repair the other day. She had travelled some distance because she had heard about my brother, Steve. He’s already big-headed enough, so don’t tell him I’ve told you this. Anyway, the upshot is that Steve is a whizz at repairing top-end embroidery machines like the PR600. In fact whatever embroidery machine you’ve got, Steve can fix it and make it run well.
You can see he’s got this PR600 on his small mobile workbench. I say mobile because it’s on castors which means Steve can wheel it around the workshop. We’ve got quite a big workshop and the compressor and buffing wheel are at one end, and all our tools etc. are at the other.

A photo of a PR600 stripped for repair, in our workshop.

Brother OR600 Repair

This Brother PR600 had not been serviced in quite some time and was looking a bit sad and causing a few problems. Steve stripped it down to the bare bones – as you can see, and discovered a problem with one of the drive shafts. It had overheated and seized up.

A photo of a worn Brother PR600 drive shaft.

Anyway, Steve removed the offending drive shaft and ordered a new one from Brother. He said the problem was caused because the customer hadn’t had their PR600 serviced at the proper intervals.

First service on any Brother PR600, PR620 or PR650 embroidery machine is 500 hours.

So if you own any of the Brother PR embroidery machine models, remember to have your precious machine serviced at the proper time, or else your machine might conk out like this one did.

Swimming a Few Lengths

Back in the early 1970’s, Saturday mornings would see me and my old chum Duncan swimming a few lengths at the old Urmston baths. We would then cross the road to the old Curzon cinema for the matinee. Before the main feature began, we’d be thrilled and amused by an episode of Flash Gordon. Just as Ming the Merciless was about to chuck Flash off a cliff and there was no possible means of escape, the show would end leaving you waiting until next week to see if our hero survived Mings dastardley deed.
And so, dear reader, you will have to wait until our-kid gets the shaft from Brother before I can finish this post…

Brother PR600 Repair and Service
OK – so we’re back.
Turns out the owner of this Brother PR600 has never really had the machine properly serviced. It’s been used quite a lot and because it hasn’t been properly lubricated one of the drive shafts has failed. It’s another lesson to all owners of embroidery machines to have your machines properly serviced by a main agent.

Brother embroidery machine
I took this photo as Steve was carrying out a test sew of this PR600. If you look very carefully you can just make out a blur as the needle flies up and down creating the embroidery.

Brother PR600 repaired.
So, the job is finished. Steve has given this PR600 a much needed full service and he has repaired the fault with the drive shaft. He has phoned the owner and let them know the cost and that their PR600 is now ready to collect. This PR600 came from Colwyn, in North Wales.

PR600 embroidery sample
These Brother PR embroidery machines are capable of top quality embroidery. You can see a close up of one of the samples Steve has sewn out. This PR600 owner will think it’s a new machine when they get it back home and start using it again.