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Our Brother VR service and repair work took us out on the road, a few days ago. Steve and I had collected a VR earlier in the week from a nice chap in Boston, Lincs. Our chap had used his Brother VR as a hobby. He embroidered bags and various small items of clothing. He would later sell his wares at boot sales and village hall craft events. 

Brother VR Service

Although our chap wasn’t burning the midnight oil in the use of his embroidery machine. He had nonetheless put considerable work under its needle. This, along with the fact his machine had never been serviced, had eventually led to problems. 

Our man found Steve and I on t’interweb. A phone call was made and we were happy to book a call into our schedule. Each Wednesday Steve and I shut the shop and go on our travels. We travel across the country to collect Brother PR, and VR embroidery machines, for service and repairs. We collect on the Wednesday and return the week after. 

Brother VR Embroidery Machine

Anyway, back to our chap and his particular Brother VR embroidery machine. The lack of regular serviced, combined with his steady use, had created a problem. Part of the top shaft had become damaged and badly worn. The profile cam had become worn and, in some places, quite damaged.

Free Estimates

Steve spoke to the chap on the blower and advised him of the issues.  We always phone our customers with a free estimate. We pointed out the wear and tear with his machine, and the cost of the work and replacement parts. Our man gave Steve the green light to go ahead with all the work. As this Brother VR repair work required a new top shaft, we ordered one from Brother UK. In the meantime Steve cracked on with the rest of the job. Once the new top shaft arrives, Steve will remove the old shaft and fit the new.

Brother VR Workshop Repairs

All timings and settings will be adjusted and set. The machine will be thoroughly cleaned and all mechanisms lubricated. Here at Bamber’s we always use the correct lubricants on all Brother VR service and repair work. There are four special lubricants required. A quick squirt of some WD40 just won’t do. There will be trouble ahead. Once the resetting, cleaning and lubricating is complete, all the covers will be refitted. At this point we begin our various sewing tests. Tensions are tested, set and balanced. A final sew test is carried before the machine is finished.

Call Bambers

If your Brother VR embroidery machine requires service and repair work, phone Bambers. We can also arrange to collect and return your VR from most locations across Mainland UK. Our phone number is 0161 707 7786.


A photo of Steve servicing a Brother VR embroidery machine.Photo of Brother VR service work.A photo of a Brother VR embroidery machine. It's stripped of its covers awaiting repairs in our workshop.

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