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A photo of Brother PR620 Motors.

Brother PR620 Motors

Blimey, I’m running low on Brother PR620 motors! I usually have around 50 in stock but now I’m down to just three. Got a web order from a girl in Kent for a new motor for one of her Brother embroidery machines. She has a schoolwear business and obviously does a lot of embroidery. It’s not just for the PR620, the motor will fit the PR600, PR620, PR650 and PR1000.

A photo of Brother PR600, PR620, PR650 motors.

PR600, PR620, PR650 motor

I took the motor upstairs for the girls to pack for posting. We get loads of orders for Brother PR600 spares and accessories. Some come from a mile or two down the road, but then we get hundreds from all over the United States and beyond. Even sent some brother embroidery spares to a girl in Puerto Rico the other day.

Brother embroidery machine motor

Brother embroidery machine motor

Caught Janet going out with the post and stopped her to take a quick shot of the PR620 motor packaged up and on it’s way. Our girls do a great job of packing our mail orders. Like I say, more and more of them end up on the other side of the world. I wonder if the weather’s any better over there than ‘sunny’ Manchester?

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