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Continuous Embroidery

Continuous Embroidery

Over the years many of our customers have asked about continuous embroidery. Repeating an embroidery design along a tablecloth, or a long garment, hasn’t always been easy. Especially if you are using a single needle embroidery machine. However, there is a solution. Especially if you plan to repeat the process multiple times. Now there is a solution that makes the process much easier.

continuous embroidery
continuous machine embroidery

High volume production

The Brother PR1055X is designed for high volume production. You can set the machine to work all day long – many of our customers do exactly that. It has ten needles, various built in designs and fonts, a USB port to upload designs and a camera. And in this case the camera is key because it enables the PR1055X to accurately align and connect individual designs. In our test we used one of the built in designs (see photos). We chose the design because it begins and ends with a finely stitched point. What better way to test the alignment process.

The process

First we sewed out the design at one end of a long length of fabric. When it was complete, we placed two of the figure of eight ‘snowman’ guides to the work. They are essentially small white stickers with a figure eight printed on them. We set the camera to scan the two snowmen and then we sewed out the same design again. The machine began to sew the second design and it met the first design perfectly.

See it on YouTube

We’ve made a video which demonstrates the process and we’ve posted it on YouTube. You can see just hwow easy it is to produce continuous embroidery.
If you’d like to see it please Click Here.
And if you wish to see the full spec of the Brother PR1055X please Click Here

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