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Embroidery Business in Plymouth

Steve and I helped a chap set up an embroidery business in Plymouth the other day. He’d phoned a week or two earlier and reported that he’d been watching all our videos. We deliver multi-needle embroidery machines all over mainland UK. Anyway, our chap had decoded to buy a ten needle embroidery machine – the Brother PR1055X. So we ordered the machine for him. Delivery to us usually takes no more than five days, or so. And when the PR1055X arrived we unpacked it and set it up for testing. All our multi-needle embroidery machines are tested and checked before we deliver them.

So Steve and I set sail for Plymouth in our VW delivery van. Stops along the way included Norton Canes on the M6 toll road. Along with Gloucester Services – obviously. As always, we’d packed sandwiches and a flask of coffee. This time we also added the extravagance of a flask of vegetable soup. Well received on a cold and sharp day.

We arrived in Plymouth and found our man – a lovely chap. Steve and I carried his machine into his studio and began to set up. He had also ordered the stand and a cap frame. Our lesson began. We always stay with our customer, on delivery. So we can teach them how to use their new embroidery machine.
This chap was soon flying. We wished him, and his embroidery business, well, and headed off for home.

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