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Is the embroidery business profitable

Is the embroidery business profitable is question we are asked on a regular basis. I can tell you two things. Number one. Nothing is ever easy. Number two. We have helped to set up many embroidery businesses which have become very profitable. So yes, the potential for profit is certainly there. You just have to work at it. 

The good news is that you can set up an embroidery business for just over £1000. As I write this blog post (Feb 2023) you can buy a single needle embroidery machine for around £1100. And many embroidery businesses started off with a single needle machine. 

Once you get going you will need to use the internet to sell your embroidered and personalised products. These days many of our customers don’t bother with a fancy website. They go straight to social media – Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok etc. etc.  

These platforms are capable of generating high volume sales. And if you price your products with a good profit margin then you will make money. Not millions. But if you work hard at it, enough for it to become your full time job. And you can do it all from home. 

A few points to consider. 

Your products must be of good quality. 

Your embroidery work must be of a high standard. 

Products must de dispatched in a timely manner. 

Always try to communicate with your customers. 

Alert them to any delays or problems asap. 

Remember – you are running a business so be professional.

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