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Brother PR1055X Warranty Guarantee

It is important to consider the details of your Brother PR1055X warranty guarantee. Smiles and chocolate cakes before you buy your machine are one thing. But if a problem should develop six months down the line, that’s when you will need a solid no nonsense backup. 

Brother UK offer a 12 month warranty on main parts. So if you heave your PR1055X into the back of your motor and drive it back to your dealer, replacement parts will be covered under the agreement. 

However. Here at Bambers we do things rather differently. 

If you buy your Brother PR1005X from us, we’ve got you covered. 

Firstly, we personally deliver your PR1055X direct to your door. Whether that door is your home, office, unit, farm, school or college door, we deliver. 

Alan and Steve travel the length and breadth of the country every Wednesday. We pack Spam butties and a flask of coffee. It’s all two Manchester lads require in the way of sustenance. 

Now the best bit (although Spam butties with a dash of HP are quite a highlight). 

Our Brother PR1055X warranty guarantee covers the transport for twelve whole months. So if you encounter a problem we will drive to you. All you have to do is pick up the blower and dial our number. 

But hang onto your bread knife – there’s more. 

If we have to take your PR1055X away for repairs, we will leave you with one of our Brother PR680W six needle loan machines. Free of charge! So your ‘down time’ is cut to a minimum. And we will always provide the use of a free loan PR680W once you are our customer. 

Dad was an old fashioned man. He believed in providing all his customers with good service. His influence still guides us along our journey. So much so that all our customers appreciate what they now call, Good old fashioned service. 

So the moral of this tale is – buy your Brother PR1055X from Bambers. 

And don’t slice your Spam too thick. 

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