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How much does it cost to start up an embroidery business

Lots of our customers begin by asking, how much does it cost to start up an embroidery business? At the present time you can buy a new single needle embroidery machine for approximately £1100. And a multi needle embroidery machine costs from £6700. 

Embroidery consumables such as threads, stabilisers, backings and needles etc are relatively cheap. A 1000 metres of good quality embroidery thread, such as Madeira or Marathon, costs from £3.00. Stabilisers cost from approximately £1.00 per metre. And once you are properly up and running, the costs of all these consumables per job is usually only pennies. 

The thing about embroidery machines is they all use a frame to grip the garment/material. The more you pay for an embroidery machine, the bigger the frame and the bigger the control screen.

You may decide to spend a lot of money on a fancy website. But these days you don’t have to. Social media is largely free, and using Instagram, Facebook & Tik Tok etc., you can quickly build a large customer base. 

The running costs of an embroidery business are often overlooked. And its one of the main reasons why you should NEVER be cheap. 

Some points to bear in mind

Don’t charge too little for your work – it’s a vicious circle that only ends down a plug hole. 

Consider the costs of service and repairs to your embroidery machine(s). 

If you only have one embroidery machine keep it well maintained. 

You don’t need to buy every accessory or attachment for your machine. 

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